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Two things bring peace in the world: honourable behaviour (ngor) and piety (njullit)

What you don't get with a nice smile, you won't get with a grim one.

When the hare eats jackal berries, it should thank the parrot.

Whoever chews on the bones of an hyena, you are chewing on the bones of someone who chews bone.

Whoever tells you to go and bathe wants you to be beautiful

You should not despise what God deals you.

Unrighteousness which allows relatives to remain together is to be preferred to justice which causes them to break up.

What you sow is what you will cause to grow.

When the horn of the ram became twisted, the elders were around, but could do nothing to prevent it.

Whoever does not have a field cannot be helped with the offer of helping hands.

Whoever wants (to eat) a bean fritter must brave the hot chili sauce.

You should spoil your wife and your servant, but discipline your child.

To know everything and say everything is bad.

Wait until the snake has left then strike his track.

Whatever happens, thank God and your mother.

When the mother of twins lies down, she will lie on her back (so that both twins can feed at the same time).

Whoever eats the leftovers from the night before for dinner, when you are sick you will go hungry that night.

Whoever wants honey must brave the bees.

You will have no pity on the child that is not your own.

To live at a bus station is not a reason to have many visitors.

Water does not forget its path.

Whatever is, is because of God.

When the work in the fields is finished, all that is left is to treat the fingers.

Whoever enters into everything that takes his fancy will demean himself (lose his honour and integrity).

Whoever wants to hear ?you are good? should give of his wealth.

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West African Proverb