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Tomorrow does not have lunch or dinner, but one should put aside its ration.

What the bird says/sings high in a tree it will not say in the hands of a child.

When picking up is easy bending is hard.

Whoever abandons his incense pot will find that everywhere he goes the incense pots are already occupied by others.

Whoever sees an egg says, ?Here is an egg?, to say nothing of an ostrich egg.

You do not bleed if you are stabbed.

Travelling gives experience.

What you ate to spoil your lunch is your lunch.

When shame does not kill you, it does at least harm you.

Whoever abandons his incense pot will find that other incense pots will break wherever he sits on them.

Whoever sows pleasure will reap misery.

You may manage to get the mbubboo by deception, and even the pants and fail to get the hat.

True beauty is found in one's character.

What you cannot get with politeness and courtesy, you will not get by any other means.

When the djinn wants a tamarind, whoever climbs (the tamarind tree) will fall.

Whoever braves the bees can eat the honey.

Whoever speaks gives himself away.

You should call someone who is taller than you ?tall?.

Truth having spent the day in the wilderness will not also pass the night.

What you cannot obtain by begging you will be able to obtain if you pay the price.

When the goat chases away a thief from the house, the dog should be ashamed.

Whoever carries an hyena on his back, the dogs will bark at you.

Whoever speaks without thinking will make many errors.

You should hold back the hand of the person who does not understand, ?I am full?.

Two things bring peace in the world: honourable behaviour (ngor) and piety (njullit)

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