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A doctor does not have a solution for a throat which is cut.

A king is not a relative.

A blind man has other things to do apart from jumping around a well.

A donkey does not give birth in front of people.

A king without subjects is no king.

A blind person does not lead anyone along the path.

A downfall starts with things that are pleasant.

A lie that reconciles people is better to a truth that puts them apart.

A chicken does not have a wildcat for a fianc‚.

A father is like a clothes hanger who wears the best clothes when he goes out.

A little is better than nothing.

A child does not know God but he does know discipline.

A fool does not suffer; it is his relatives who suffer.

A man is a lion when he puts on his pants, but becomes a lamb when he takes them off.

A child has no sense.

A friend is unique; one cannot have several.

A man is like gold, but it is because of the woman that he attains the highest quality.

A child is like a creeper (calabash vine), if it is not trained in the right direction, it will spread in a direction that does not please you.

A goat will never believe that a mortar is empty.

A man is measured by what he does, not what he says.

A child is like clay; he takes whatever form that is given to him.

A good ancestry comes from your mother and father, but you yourself are responsible for your dignity.

A child puts an adult to the test.

A good character is better than a bad one.

Not to know is bad; not to wish to know is worse.

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