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To sit and complain without doing anything will not achieve anything,

What is brought to a donkey by a gust of wind will be taken away by another gust of wind.

When a Maure has problems he speaks Wolof.

Where the cows are, it is there that the hyena dies.

Whoever is ten days older than you should know ten more than you.

Work for the world as though you will never die, and work for the afterlife as though you will die tomorrow.

To stroke a lion and die there is easy.

What is unknown to you about a person's origins will be revealed in his character.

When an honest man is in need, he remembers the debts that are owed to him.

Where they make hilaires (an African tool for removing weeds from a field) they do not pray for dawn; it is those who are weeding who pray for it.

Whoever puts up a hammock / swing expects to relax.

Work without pay, if it first gives birth to a long time, it finally gives birth to evil.

To succeed in escaping by running away as fast as one can is also part of heroism.

What monkey would mock (another) for the calluses?

When God divides something into three parts for three people, He gives two parts to one person, one part to the second, and allows the third to follow the other two and collect what falls from their hands.

Wherever you find that which is useful, spend a long time there.

Whoever rejects the good wants evil.

You are asking a frog about his tail

Today you, tomorrow your neighbour.

What one person can do, two can do better.

When it comes to getting down, letting yourself fall is the fastest (method).

While life has not yet finished all is still possible.

Whoever says all that he knows demeans himself.

You are trying badly to get rich, while people gossip about you, but when you become rich, they will envy you.

Hide yourself and say, ?I do not see anyone?, but don't say, ?No one can see me?.

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