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If a guest complains it is because he has abandoned his village.

If someone lends you eyes, you will look wherever he wishes.

If you can catch me somewhere where God is not, then kill me.

If you want to be beaten up, then offend someone who is stronger than you.

It is because of sleep that one believes in death.

It is better to know a person's character than to simply know him.

It is me, it is me!? that you hear does not mean that that person has the necessary qualities.

It takes two people for a dispute to last for a long time.

Life is like the strap of a sandal which breaks without warning.

Mistakes will always happen. The bad thing is to persist in them.

No one deceives a prostitute twice.

One is at the same time the sheep of someone and the lion of someone else.

Over time people can see whether or not what someone has been accused of is true or not.

Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people. (Proverbs 14:34

Someone who is in the water should not laugh at the person who is drowning.

That which is born in a nest, if it does not fly, its relatives will be worried.

The child hates him who gives it all it wants.

The fact that an antelope gave birth in your field is not a reason to carve a bowl for milking (because she will not stay there).

The hardest thing in the world is to have great wealth acquired completely honestly.

The mind does not miss the place it does not know.

The person who drinks (alcohol) in secret will be exposed when he reels and staggers.

The proud are quickly put to shame.

The truth is like chilli. If it is thrown in your face, you will rub your eyes.

There are two causes of disorder in the world: contrariness and intolerance.

Time is not soap but it can wash the dirty washing.

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