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If one divides equally between all, there will be those who refuse their share.

If two people manage to keep company for a long time, it is certain that one of them has been patient.

If you see something, something else was the cause. If you see meat, then an animal has died.

It happens that a friend is better than a brother.

It is better to have a small amount than to refuse it.

It is important to keep elders in a nation.

It is those who share the same well who tangle their ropes.

Life is like a day spent together.

Many mice do not dig the same hole.

No one can do anything if he does not try.

One cannot have at the same time complete greed and perfect honesty.

Only your close relative can tell you that you have bad breath.

Ragged trousers are better than a bare backside.

Soap does not wash itself.

Ten people cannot share a lie.

The best way to protect yourself against someone lying in wait for you is to take a different way to him.

The eye which doesn't dine, must lunch.

The good man knows much but says little.

The lion does not like a sauce of leaves; he lives on meat.

The penny doesn't leave the boat.

The person who wears pants of animal fat will not need to warm himself up.

The tongue of a mute person is better than that of a liar.

There are no end of solutions.

Three things are necessary in this world: a friend, beauty, and money.

Here the cat does not lap the sauce.

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West African Proverb