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Man and his plans and desires; God with his decisions.

No need to draw a picture of a dwarf (to depict what one is like), if one is standing before you.

One can give you a wife, and bear all the costs to bring her to your home, but the rest only you can do.

Only the person who actually tastes it will know what it tastes like.

Provocation is not a protection.

Slowly, slowly the monkey is coaxed from the underbrush.

Tastes are different and for that reason all that one sells in the market will find a buyer.

The anger of the chicken does not disturb the cook.

The eye does not carry a load, but it knows what the head is capable of carrying.

The future belongs to God.

The King can confiscate whatever he wishes except the pleasure of stretching oneself.

The owner of a necklace should beware of him who has a bare neck.

The person who tells you to give of your wealth wants you to be praised.

The thicket of dispute, in the village where it sprouts, is cut down by the axe of discussion.

The world and all its wealth are not worth quarrelling over and falling out with someone.

There should be little shame between a husband and wife.

I will not buy a snake / ground squirrel / rat in a hole.

If greed causes you to cleave your chest, sewing it up again will be difficult.

If there were no God there would be no people.

If you knew how people would reply to you, you would be more careful in what you say.

In the place where everyone is having convulsive fits, the person who remains calm is a fool.

It is better to guard your belongings in security, however badly, than to accuse your friend of theft.

It is easy to capture an hyena, but it is another thing to capture an hyena that plays the guitar.

It is only that which brings peace of mind which can permit him to put on weight.

Life consists of three days; yesterday was our father's, today is ours, and tomorrow is our children's.

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