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There is no need to go very far if you want to learn wisdom.

To be in a habit of working makes one eager.

However long a monkey's tail, if you touch it, it will know.

If an hyena manages to defeat a giant/lion it is because of his (imposing) appearance.

If the dance of a baby is pleasant it is because his mother is holding his shoulders/legs.

If you do not master your wealth, you will become its slave.

If your ability to ride pushes you to the point of riding a porcupine bareback, when you finish you will spend all you have on a saddle.

It is better to be close to the heart of the King than to be related to him.

It is better to say little which is certain than to say much.

It is not courage that allows one to be insulting, it is a lack of honor.

It's not because you are familiar with indigo, but that you have been practicing the art of dyeing for a long time.

Life's like a cassava root, no one can tell where exactly it will break.

News does not have feet but it will cross the river.

No one is forbidden from entering the room of honourable behaviour; if you do not enter it is your own fault.

One only knows the value of the backside when one has to sit down.

Pessimism can guard its owner.

Seeing the beautiful clothes of someone else is not a reason to throw away your own rags.

Someone who wets the couscous with her tears should not be asked for sauce.

That which one dares to do to a sheep without horns, one would never think of doing to a ram with horns.

The conversation which a father has with his son should be like one's last words as though he would soon disappear.

The field of a monkey will not bear fruit.

The home of an hyena stinks but all the same that is where it lives.

The mother goat was covered with grass burrs because of its kid.

The person who is capable of doing much but does nothing is responsible for failure.

The shepherd has the right to offer milk but he does not have the right to offer a calf.

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