William Dean Howells

William Dean

American Novelist, Poet, Editor and Critic

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Things common to all, however peculiar in each.

Understood when I've said something that doesn't mean anything.

We live, but a world has passed away

Wide leisure of a country village.

Worst came it was not half so bad as what had gone before.

Those novels with old-fashioned heroes and heroines in them -- are ruinous!

Unfailing American kindness.

We live, but a world has passed away with the years that perished to make us men.

Wisdom and goodness are twin-born, one heart must hold both sisters, never seen apart.

Wrote them first and last in the spirit of Dickens.

Those who have sorrowed deepest will understand this best.

Unless we prefer a luxury of grief.

We see nothing whole, neither life nor art.

Wishes of a mistress who did not know what she wanted

Yes, people that have convictions are difficult. Fortunately, they're rare.

Those who work too much and those who rest too much.

Used to ingratitude from those he helped.

We who have neither youth nor beauty should always expect it.

Wit that tries its teeth upon everything.

Yes, there's sense in that. But the suddenly rich are on a level with any of us nowadays. Money buys position at once. I don't say that it isn't all right. The world generally knows what it's about, and knows how to drive a bargain. I dare say that it makes the new rich pay too much. But there's no doubt but money is to the fore now. It is the romance, the poetry of our age. It's the thing that chiefly strikes the imagination. The Englishmen who come here are more curious about the great new millionaires than about anyone else, and they respect them more. It's all very well. I don't complain of it.

Times when a man's city was a man's country.

Vacuous vulgarity.

We're company enough for ourselves.

With all her insight, to have very little artistic sense.

You cannot be at perfect ease with a friend who does not joke.

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American Novelist, Poet, Editor and Critic