Che Guevara, fully Ernesto “Che” Guevara

Guevara, fully Ernesto “Che” Guevara

Argentine Marxist Revolutionary, Physician, Author, Intellectual, Guerrilla Leader, Diplomat and Military Theorist, major figure of the Cuban Revolution

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Along the way, I had the opportunity to pass through the dominions of the United Fruit, convincing me once again of just how terrible these capitalist octopuses are. I have sworn before a picture of the old and mourned comrade Stalin that I won't rest until I see these capitalist octopuses annihilated.

Every day People straighten up the hair, why not the heart?

I finally felt myself lifted definitively away on the winds of adventure toward worlds I envisaged would be stranger than they were, into situations I imagined would be much more normal than they turned out to be.

It's a sad thing not to have friends, but it is even sadder not to have enemies.

Revolution, in history, is like the doctor assisting at the birth of a new life, who will not use forceps unless necessary, but who will use them unhesitatingly every time labor requires them. It is a labor bringing the hope of a better life to the enslaved and exploited masses.

The North American government used the quota system on imports of Cuban sugar not only to protect her own sugar industry, as demanded by her own producers, but also to make possible the unrestricted introduction into our country of North American manufactured goods.

There is no other definition of socialism valid for us than that of the abolition of the exploitation of man by man.

We should not allow the word "democracy" to be utilized apologetically to represent the dictatorship of the exploiting classes.

Always to victory.

Every person has the truth in his heart. No matter how complicated his circumstances, no matter how others look at him from the outside, and no matter how deep or shallow the truth dwells in his heart, once his heart is pieced with a crystal needle, the truth will gush forth like a geyser.

I knew that the moment the great governing spirit strikes the blow to divide all humanity into just two opposing factions, I would be on the side of the common people.

Its tall chimneys throw up black smoke, impregnating everything with soot, and the miners' faces as they traveled the streets were also imbued with that ancient melancholy of smoke, unifying everything with its grayish monotones, a perfect coupling with the gray mountain days.

Revolutionaries filling the world banging for the world to not sleep weighed on the bodies of the poor.

The only way to solve the problems now besetting mankind is to eliminate completely the exploitation of dependent countries by developed capitalist countries, with all the consequences that this implies.

They tell me if you see a slave sleeping do not wake him lest he dreamed of freedom and tell them if you see a slave sleeping and told him about freedom

We will not have what we live for... If we are not willing to die for him.

And above all always be capable of feeling deeply any injustice committed against anyone anywhere in the world. It is the most beautiful quality of a revolutionary.

Far more important than a good remuneration is the pride of serving one's neighbor.

I knew that when the great guiding spirit cleaves humanity into two antagonistic halves, I would be with the people. I know this, I see it printed in the night sky that I, eclectic dissembler of doctrine and psychoanalyst of dogma, howling like one possessed, will assault the barricades or the trenches , will take my bloodstained weapon, and consumed with fury, slaughter any enemy who falls into my hands.

Justice remains the tool of a few powerful interests; legal interpretations will continue to be made to suit the convenience of the oppressor powers.

Technology which enables us to control the nature remember that the revolution is important that each of us individually is important, above all else, be able always a sense of injustice suffered by any person whatever the size of this injustice and whatever the place This man this is the most beautiful characterized by revolutionary goodbye forever, O my children, although I still hope to see you again to all of you a great big kiss and a large bosom large Papa.

The revolution is made through human beings, but individuals must forge their revolutionary spirit day by day.

This is not a story of heroic feats, or merely the narrative of a cynic; at least I do not mean it to be. It is a glimpse of two lives running parallel for a time, with similar hopes and convergent dreams.

What do we leave behind when we cross each frontier? Each moment seems split in two: melancholy for what was left behind and the excitement of entering a new land.

And the imperialists? Will they sit with their arms crossed? No! The system they practice is the cause of the evils from which we are suffering, but they will try to obscure the facts with spurious allegations, of which they are masters.

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Guevara, fully Ernesto “Che” Guevara
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Argentine Marxist Revolutionary, Physician, Author, Intellectual, Guerrilla Leader, Diplomat and Military Theorist, major figure of the Cuban Revolution