François Rabelais


French Scholar, Satirist, Humanist, Physician, Writer, Monk and Greek Scholar

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Let us fly and save our bacon.

Queen Whims, or Queen Quintessence (which you please), perceiving that we stood as mute as fishes, said: Your taciturnity speaks you not only disciples of Pythagoras, from whom the venerable antiquity of my progenitors in successive propagation was emaned and derives its original, but also discovers, that through the revolution of many retrograde moons, you have in Egypt pressed the extremities of your fingers with the hard tenants of your mouths, and scalptized your heads with frequent applications of your unguicules. In the school of Pythagoras, taciturnity was the symbol of abstracted and superlative knowledge, and the silence of the Egyptians was agnited as an expressive manner of divine adoration; this caused the pontiffs of Hierapolis to sacrifice to the great deity in silence, impercussively, without any vociferous or obstreperous sound. My design is not to enter into a privation of gratitude towards you, but by a vivacious formality, though matter were to abstract itself from me, excentricate to you my cogitations. Having spoken this, she only said to her officers, Tabachins, a panacea; and straight they desired us not to take it amiss if the queen did not invite us to dine with her; for she never ate anything at dinner but some categories, jecabots, emnins, dimions, abstractions, harborins, chelemins, second intentions, carradoths, antitheses, metempsychoses, transcendent prolepsies, and such other light food.

The Devil was sick - the Devil a monk would be, The Devil was well the devil a monk was he.

To good and true love fear is forever affixed.

You shall never want rope enough.

Looking as like - as one pea does like another

Readers, friends, if you turn these pages put your prejudice aside, for, really, there's nothing here that's outrageous, nothing sick, or bad — or contagious. Not that I sit here glowing with pride for my book: all you'll find is laughter: that's all the glory my heart is after, seeing how sorrow eats you, defeats you. I'd rather write about laughing than crying, for laughter makes men human, and courageous. BE HAPPY!

The farce is finished. I go to seek a vast perhaps.

To laugh is proper to man.

Loupgarou was come with all his giants, who, seeing Pantagruel in a manner alone, was carried away with temerity and presumption, for hopes that he had to kill the good man. Whereupon he said to his companions the giants, You wenchers of the low country, by Mahoom, if any of you undertake to fight against these men here, I will put you cruelly to death. It is my will, that you let me fight single. In the meantime you shall have good sport to look upon us.

Remove idleness from the world and soon the arts of Cupid would perish.

The probity that scintillizes in the superfices of your persons informs my ratiocinating faculty, in a most stupendous manner, of the radiant virtues latent within the precious caskets and ventricles of your minds. For, contemplating the mellifluous suavity of your thrice discreet reverences, it is impossible not to be persuaded with facility that neither your affections nor your intellects are vitiated with any defect or privation of liberal and exalted sciences. Far from it, all must judge that in you are lodged a cornucopia and encyclopaedia, an unmeasurable profundity of knowledge in the most peregrine and sublime disciplines, so frequently the admiration, and so rarely the concomitants of the imperite vulgar. This gently compels me, who in preceding times indefatigably kept my private affections absolutely subjugated, to condescend to make my application to you in the trivial phrase of the plebeian world, and assure you that you are well, more than most heartily welcome.

To return to our wethers.

Make three bites of a cherry.

Repentance is not so much remorse for what we have done as the fear of the consequences.

The remedy for thirst? It is the opposite of the one for a dog bite: run always after a dog, he'll never bite you; drink always before thirst, and it will never overtake you.

War begun without good provision of money beforehand for going through with it is but as a breathing of strength and blast that will quickly pass away. Coin is the sinews of war.

Needs must when the Devil drives.

Scampering as if the Devil drove them.

The right moment wears a full head of hair: when it has been missed, you can't get it back; it's bald in the back of the head and never turns around.

We have here other fish to fry.

I'll go his halves.

Not everyone is a debtor who wishes to be; not everyone who wishes makes creditors.

Science without conscience is the soul's perdition.

The scent of wine, oh how much more agreeable, laughing, praying, celestial and delicious it is than that of oil!

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French Scholar, Satirist, Humanist, Physician, Writer, Monk and Greek Scholar