Gabriel García Márquez, aka Gabo

Gabriel García
Márquez, aka Gabo

Colombian Author, Novelist, Short-Story Writer, Screenwriter and Journalist, Awarded Nobel Prize for Literature

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Ultimately literature is nothing but carpentry. Both are very hard work. Writing something is almost as hard as making a table. With both you are working with reality, a material just as hard as wood. Both are full of tricks and techniques. Basically very little magic and a lot of hard work involved.

What hurts me to die is not to die for love.

Wisdom comes to us when it can no longer do any good.

Ultimately, literature is nothing but carpentry. With both you are working with reality, a material just as hard as wood.

What Uncle Leo XIII never suspected was that his nephew's courage did not come from the need to survive or from a brute indifference inherited from his father, but from a driving need for love, which no obstacle in this world or the next would ever break.

Wisdom comes to us when it is useless.

Unfortunately, we are still meet the motive for suicide is not love.

What's happening, she sighed, is that the world is slowly coming to an end and those things don't come here anymore.

With both you are working with reality, a material just as hard as wood.

Until I discovered the miracle that all things that sound are music, including dishes and silverware in the dishwasher, as long as they fulfill the illusion of showing us where life is heading.

When at last he surrendered, Florentino Ariza hung the mirror in house, not for the exquisite frame but because of the place inside that for two hours had been occupied by her beloved reflection.

With her Florentino Ariza learned what he had already experienced many times without realizing it: that one can be in love with several people at the same time, feel the same sorrow with each, and not betray any of them. Alone in the midst of the crowd on the pier, he said to himself in a flash of anger: 'My heart has more rooms than a whorehouse.

Until you're about the age of twenty you read everything, and you like it simply because you are reading it. Then between twenty and thirty you pick up what you want, and you read the best, you read all the great works. After that you sit and wait for them to be written. But you know the least know, the least famous writers, they are the better ones.

When he stood at the railing of the ship... only then did he understand to what extent he had been an easy victim to the charitable deceptions of nostalgia.

With my joshing I've probably contributed toward the idea that I lack literary education, that I write only from personal experiences, that my sources are Faulkner, Hemingway, and other foreign writers. Little is known about my knowledge of Colombian literature. No doubt, my influences, especially in Colombia, are extra-literary. More than any book, I think what opened my eyes was music, vallenato songs.

Ursula was the last of the parade. The dignity of his grief, the weight of his name, the convincing vehemence of his statement did waver for a moment the scales of justice. You have taken this very seriously scary game, and you have done well, because you are doing your duty, he said to the members of the tribunal. But do not forget that as long as God gives us life, we will continue to be mothers, and that revolutionary or not, we have the right to pull you pants down and showed me how to take the first disrespect.

When he wakes up - he said, remind me that I'm going to marry her!

With that discouraging explanation many felt that they had been the victims of some new and showy gypsy business and they decided not to return to the movies, considering that they already had too many troubles of their own to weep over the acted-out misfortunes of imaginary beings.

Ursula wondered if it was better to lie just once in the grave and throw him over the earth, and ask God, without fear, if we really believed that people were made ??of iron to withstand so many pains and mortifications. And wondering and asking would stoking his own trouble and felt irrepressible desires to let loose and not have mouthed as an outsider and after allowing a moment of rebellion, the moment so many times you want and as many times postponed, to cut the resignation by root and shit once and for all and take heart the endless piles of profanity that he had to swallow over a century of conformity.

When he went through the kitchen he kissed Rebeca on the forehead.

With The Thousand and One Nights, I learned and never forgot that we should read only those books that force us to reread them.

Very well, I will marry you if you promise not to make me eat eggplant.

When I returned to this forgotten village, trying to rebuild so broken mirror scattered shards of memory

Without a doubt it was Dr. Urbino's most contagious initiative, for opera fever infected the most surprising elements in the city and gave rise to a whole generation of Isoldes and Otellos and Aidas and Siegfrieds. But it never reached the extremes Dr. Urbino had hoped for, which was to see Italianizers and Wagnerians confronting each other with sticks and canes during the intermissions.

We are not the assembly of men only slaves poor of prejudice, and while it was decided a woman sexual intercourse man what, there is no wall only way to go, and Fort only, not considered immoral, but be prepared for violation of the foundation, and so they do not count the expense of the existence of God.

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Gabriel García
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Márquez, aka Gabo
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Colombian Author, Novelist, Short-Story Writer, Screenwriter and Journalist, Awarded Nobel Prize for Literature