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Wine upon beer is very good cheer; beer upon wine consider with fear.

Women are as fickle as April weather.

Would you live long, be healthy and fat, drink like a dog and eat like a cat.

Young men may die, but old men must die.

Wit and beauty seldom come together.

Women are as wavering as the wind.

Write on one of the devil's horns, "Good angel," and many will believe it.

Young saint, old devil.

Wit is better than cunning.

Women are necessary evils.

Yesterday's promise, like tomorrows never comes.

Your friend's enemy might be your best friend.

With all my heart! says the boor, when he must.

Women are never at a loss for words.

Yielding stays war.

Your words are fair, said the wolf, but I will not come into the village.

With great men one must allow five to be an even number.

Women are watches that keep bad time.

Yorkshire born and Yorkshire bred, strong in the arm and weak in the head.

Youth and white paper take any impression.

With great pleasure, says the boor, when he must.

Women, fortune, and gold, favor fools.

You can always tell a German, but you can't tell him much.

With houses and gold, men are rarely bold.

Woo the widow whilst she is in weeds.

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