Italian Proverbs


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Who would make money must begin by spending it.

With the first wife is matrimony, the second company, the third heresy.

Who has no children does not know what love is.

Who is born a fool is never cured.

Who loves the tree loves the branch.

Who serves well and says nothing makes claim enough.

Who would not have feet set on his neck, let him not stoop.

With the fox one must play the fox.

Who has no courage must have legs.

Who is in fear of every leaf must not go into the wood.

Who loves to roam may lose his home.

Who sleeps doesn't catch fishes.

Whoever brings finds the door open for him.

With the Gospel men may become heretics.

Who has no head should have legs.

Who is in the right fears, who is in the wrong hopes.

Who loves well chastises well.

Who sows ill reaps ill.

Whoever loves me, loves my dog.

With the skin of the dog its bite is cured.

Who has no money in his purse must have honey in his mouth.

Who judges others, condemns himself.

Who loves, believes.

Who sows thorns should not go barefoot.

Whoever stays awake longest must blow out the candle.

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