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American Hedge Fund Manager, Entrepreneur, Author and Podcaster, Founder/Co-founder of more than 20 companies, including Reset Inc. and StockPickr

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Humans are smarter now than they were 40,000 years ago.

I live life as gently and positively as possible?then my negotiations work out, and then my tomorrows and the tomorrows of the people around me are pleasant.

If a painful memory arises, don?t fight it or try to push it away?you?re in quicksand. Struggle reinforces pain. Instead, go to love. Love for yourself. Feel it. If you have to fake it, fine. It?ll become real eventually. Feel the love for yourself as the memory ebbs and flows. That will take the power away. And even more importantly, it will shift the wiring of the memory. Do it again and again. Love. Re-wire. Love. Re-wire. It?s your mind. You can do whatever you want.[?] The results are worth it. I wish that for you.

If you don?t choose yourself, someone else will and the result won?t be pleasant.

In order to be creative you have to be healthy physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

It's how you view the life inside you that creates the life outside of you. Every day.

Mistakes I've made in the past make me afraid to try new things in the future. I want to be perfect.

Nobody questions anything if you have confidence, intelligence, and you are proud of your product.

People are walking around blind. If you are the one who can see, you will be able to navigate through this new world.

Purpose is a man-made fiction. Nobody on their deathbed gets a plaque that says "he focused on only one thing for his entire life!" Those are counterfeit thoughts in a counterfeit society.

So I say, Yes, and? then elaborate on what is good about her idea and how I think it can be made even better and why.

Symbolically, nobody can deliver wisdom to you except you. The being who finds peace inside himself needs nobody to tell him what to do, nobody to project their own fantasies onto him.

The entire time I was on TV was about 90 seconds. I had probably prepared 18 hours for those 90 seconds. Like most dates I had gone on in my 20s.

The only way to create value for yourself is to create value for others.

There is nobody you need to impress. There is nobody who is judging you. And there will be nobody who can stop you.

This is the final bubble. The US government now has to keep printing money to keep things stable. Maybe when the economy booms again they can hold off?but that might be a while.

We can choose the life we want for ourselves. You choose that life by doing the best you can right in this moment. Right now. By being bold in this moment. Right now. There is no other moment to wait for.

When the lights come on inside of you, everyone in the world can see a little better.

With each obstacle, turn it into a moment where you can reflect on the bounty that is in your life.

You either read the book and use these ideas, or you shouldn?t bother.

I ask the darkness when I open my eyes. Who would you have me help today?

I love being honest and intimate with people. I love building community. I love emailing with readers.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then you are worth 100,000 pictures. I compare comedian

If you don?t give yourself permission to create a new world, chances are nobody else will.

In other words: master the form you want to operate in, get experience, be willing to be imperfect, and then develop the confidence to play within that form, to develop your own style.

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American Hedge Fund Manager, Entrepreneur, Author and Podcaster, Founder/Co-founder of more than 20 companies, including Reset Inc. and StockPickr