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American Hedge Fund Manager, Entrepreneur, Author and Podcaster, Founder/Co-founder of more than 20 companies, including Reset Inc. and StockPickr

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You either read the book and use these ideas, or you shouldn?t bother.

I ask the darkness when I open my eyes. Who would you have me help today?

I love being honest and intimate with people. I love building community. I love emailing with readers.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then you are worth 100,000 pictures. I compare comedian

If you don?t give yourself permission to create a new world, chances are nobody else will.

In other words: master the form you want to operate in, get experience, be willing to be imperfect, and then develop the confidence to play within that form, to develop your own style.

It's in the valley of failure that we sow our seeds of success.

Money you lose you can always make back. But even five minutes of time lost is gone forever.

Nobody wakes up in the morning and says, ?I can?t wait to clean out some shit today.

People do what they want until they are injured like a kid putting his fingers on the stove.

Reading is the best return on investment. You have to live your entire life in order to know one life. But with reading you can know 1000s of people's lives for almost no cost. What a great return!

So the first thing is to spend less energy digesting food. Skip dinner (so your body is not trying to digest when you sleep), go to sleep early, don?t expose yourself to news, avoid pop culture, don?t drink alcohol, try to only be around the people you love, and have a sense of surrender and gratitude.

Take control of who you report to, what you do, and what you create. Don?t just do what?s listed in your job description.

The entire workforce can be divided into the people who have an evil plan and the people who don?t and that division, I suspect, is very similar to the rich employee mindset, versus the poor employee mindset.

The only way to have success is to build the foundation for it.

There were plenty of other times when I was working too hard, dealing with people I didn?t like, getting my creativity crushed over and over, and so on. When you are in those situations, you need to plot out your exit strategy.

This was all part of the American Dream. Get a checkup once a year. Get blood tests. Live your life. But protect yourself. Don?t step out of the box. Take care of yourself. Life is hard. But then life is easy if you follow the rules.

We can feed ourselves but ultimately life is better when we feed each other.

When they?re done speaking, wait for two seconds before responding.

Worry will never solve tomorrow's problems. It will only take energy away from today.

You must first be the change you want to see in this World.

I call this permission networking. My network is not the list of how many people I know. The strength of my network is how well everyone on the list of people I know, knows each other. Most people don't know this important principle.

I made so many mistakes in my first successful business I'm almost embarrassed to recount them.

If a small town doesn?t have a laundromat, and if you open one up, you can be pretty confident you?ll have customers. If your laundromat is unique in any way, then perhaps you can scale it.

If you don?t live in the world of choosing, you live in the world of excusing.

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American Hedge Fund Manager, Entrepreneur, Author and Podcaster, Founder/Co-founder of more than 20 companies, including Reset Inc. and StockPickr