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Of all humanity's creations, the virtues are by far the most sublime.

Regarding judgment day: if God is indeed just, I fear not. There is always the fabled story, held tightly by innocent girls with sweet eyes... But a wise person must ultimately query whether they have been embracing lies.

The insecurity the wise person must face is extraordinary. Think about not being able to say with true confidence, "I am right," or "this divorce is the best thing for me," or "this candidate is the one," or, "God exists." It is so seductive to sink back into the comfortable idea that you know something, that you are sure. Yet that is the one thing the wise person must hesitate to seize upon. So, metaphorically, the wise person is resigned to lie in bed, but never to fall asleep.

The wise tune into themselves, understand what they feel, and take appropriate risks.

We do not have justice in society. We have some semblance of it - polluted with error, impotence, cowardice, elitism, politics, selfishness, laziness and resignation.

Without sounding like a fortune in a fortune cookie, I am seeking wisdom. I believe there is so much out there to learn and do out there, and I want to learn and do as much as I can before I die.

Often the knight must fight alone.

Respect is hard to retain; we tend to see others as either superior or inferior to ourselves - neither of which engenders much respect.

The legacy of a man is created through a few remarkable situations. What honor lies in philosophizing from one's soporific armchair? ?Tis a world full of pessimists, of mutable morals; indeed, those who show greatness are becoming increasingly rare.

There are times when we are called to duty; necessity dictates revolutionary action. The time comes when we must stand and be counted; proactivity arises from the place of reaction.

We do not think much about using live "lower" animals for our pedantic scientific studies; I'm in favor of doing so, so long as we obtain written or verbal informed consent from such subjects. Until such time, we're selfish, callous, and benighted.

Would that I could have the integrity to not feel so lonely about my aloneness... Rather, to accept it, embrace it. Because for whatever reason, it is me.

Often we want to try and retain our self, to be confident and courageous. Wisdom is required to determine when is the right time - or it's not confidence, but dogmatism. It is wise to be yourself - but with the realization that your self needs continual improvement. We simply never arrive at perfection - or at least we don't linger there long. And the less you try to cling to that, the more face-saving it is when you discover the need to change.

Seeing the strikingly beautiful sunrise this morning on the way to work, the vivid rays shining through the trees, I pulled over and just felt drawn to looking at it. It filled me; I experienced such a deep feeling of awe and desire to dwell among the security, warmth, light, peace, and solace that I began to cry. The juxtaposition of such beauty with the feelings I feel inside were jarring. I wanted to just dwell in the protection of the sunrise, forever.

The more you know, the more you have truth on your side. It is a sublime power.

There is nothing wrong with admitting that you have problems. It is your struggle that makes you worthy, not your perfection.

We may never know with certainty if we are correct in a belief we cherish - or a perception we hold, or a way we choose to live, or a decision we make. But if we think carefully, and define our self confidently, that may be the best we can do. For if we don't have confidence in our self, and believe in the power of reason, on whom or in what can we depend? We cannot rely on others to think for us. Insecurity may be the work of the devil.

You can't polish something that doesn't have form and substance; first things first.

Often whatever "unlived life" characterizes our way of living is the reason remembrances of times past are accompanied by chills or tears.

Seizing the day may well result in one's untimely death, but living sheepishly already has.

The only person who has to like who I am is myself.

There may come a time in every human's life where they must instantly choose between two monumental paths. One must act strongly and bravely, for the cost of one is but death, whereas the penalty for the other is a lifetime of dishonor.

We might have been graced with each other, only to find ourselves cursed by merciless time. Perhaps a promising future lay before us, but it's a towering mountain my heart must climb.

You know you've changed your whole mental image about companionship and commitment when you use the pronouns "we" and "our" to describe items that were previously described by "my" and "I."

One can only see one side of a coin from any given perspective. The knowledge that there is another side to that coin is a potent bit of knowledge indeed.

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Author, Philosophical Thinker and Independent Scholar