Madame Deluzy, Luzy Dorothee

Deluzy, Luzy Dorothee

French Actress

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What is joy? A sunbeam between two clouds.

Why are we so blind? That which we improve, we have, that which we hoard is not for ourselves.

Women are far more impulsive than men; this is because they are more influenced by the heart than the head.

Women do not fancy timid men.

We are so desirous of vengeance that people often offend us by not giving offence.

What is a woman?s surest guardian angel? Indifference.

It requires a great deal of poetry to gild the pill of poverty, and then it will pass current only in theory; the reality is a dead failure.

It requires a great deal of poetry to gild the pill of poverty.

Joy is a sunbeam between two clouds.

A coquette is a woman without any heart, who makes a fool of a man that hasn't got any head.

Nothing so truly becomes feminine beauty as simplicity.

Alas, could experience be bought for gold!

Perseverance and audacity generally win.

Amiable people, while they are more liable to imposition in casual contact with the world, yet radiate so much of mental sunshine that they are reflected in all appreciative hearts.

Sentiment is the ripened fruit of fancy.

Audacity as against modesty will win the battle over most men.

Sentiment is the ripened fruit of fantasy.

Conceited people are never without a certain degree of harmless satisfaction wherewith to flavor the waters of life.

Steel assassinates; the passions kill.

Delicacy is the parent of decency.

The anticipation of evil courts evil.

Dignity and pride are of too near relationship for intermarriage.

The hen of our neighbor appears to us a goose, says the Oriental proverb.

Discreet women have sometimes neither eyes nor ears.

There is but one antidote for coquetry,?true love.

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Deluzy, Luzy Dorothee
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French Actress