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Whatsoever a new bride touches is fragrant.

When a miser dies, the heirs feel as happy as when they kill a pig.

When it's raining and the sun shines -- then a Turk is born.

When the cat is not at home, the mice are free.

When the cock is euphoric, the brain is amnesic.

When the husband is a hen and the wife is a cock, the house is topsy-turvy.

Where the heart loves, there the legs walk.

With money you can build a road in the sea.

Without money you can neither hug nor kiss.

Women have got long hair and short sense.

You cannot serve God and the devil.

You can't buy heaven with money.

You see the splinter in another's eye but fail to see the beam in your own.

Your soul to God, your body to dust, your property to your relatives, because thus it has been found written.

The good die young.

The law is not made for the rich.

The one who has had no experience of evil cannot know the worth of what is good.

The person who thinks about his own grief forgets about the grief of others.

The seller has one eye, the buyer, one hundred.

The wagtail hops and flaps its wings, but the male dove feeds and coos.

The wallet of the timid man neither increases nor decreases.

The weather vane will not work without wind.

The world is a wheel and men are the fellows, and the devil prowling around spins.

The world is nonsense: what looks beautiful in the morning looks ugly in the evening.

There is no rose without thorns

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