Maurice Maeterlinck, fully Count Maurice Polydore Marie Bernard Maeterlinck

Maeterlinck, fully Count Maurice Polydore Marie Bernard Maeterlinck

Belgian Poet, Playwright, Dramatist, Essayist, Nobel Prize in Literature

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We are never the same with others as when we are alone. We are different, even when we are in the dark with them.

You know, my brothers, the nature of our business. The child you see before you, thanks to a talisman stolen from the powers of Earth, is able to take possession of the Blue Bird and thus to snatch from us the secret which we have kept since the origin of life... Now we know enough of Man to entertain no doubt as to the fate which he reserves for us once he is in possession of this secret. That is why it seems to me that any hesitation would be both foolish and criminal... It is a serious moment; the child must be done away with before it is too late...

There is no other means of escaping from one's consciousness than to deny it, to look upon it as an organic disease of the terrestrial intelligence - a disease which we must endeavor to cure by an action which must appear to us an action of violent and willful madness, but which, on the other side of our appearances, is probably an action of health.

They believe that nothing will happen because they have closed their doors.

To be happy is only to have freed one's soul from the unrest of unhappiness.

We are alone, absolutely alone on this chance planet: and, amid all the forms of life that surround us, not one, excepting the dog, has made an alliance with us.

Can we conceive what humanity would be if it did not know the flowers?

Men's weaknesses are often necessary to the purposes of life.

Do we not all spend the greater part of our lives under the shadow of an event that has not yet come to pass?

Never mind... Don't cry... I will catch him again... [Stepping to the front of the stage and addressing the audience.] If any of you should find him, would you be so very kind as to give him back to us?... We need him for our happiness, later on...

Don't be alarmed ? They are a little annoyed because Spring is late... Leave it to me; I will settle it all.

No great inner event befalls those who summon it not.

Each progressive spirit is opposed by a thousand mediocre minds appointed to guard the past.

Nothing befalls us that is not of the nature of ourselves. There comes no adventure but wears to our soul the shape of our everyday thoughts.

Happiness is rarely absent; it is we that know not of its presence.

Our reason may prove what it will: our reason is only a feeble ray that has issued from Nature.

Happiness will never be any greater than the idea we have of it.

Remember that happiness is as contagious as gloom. It should be the first duty of those who are happy to let others know of their gladness.

He's not quite blue yet, but that will come, you shall see! ? Take him off quick to your little girl...

Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves together... Speech is too often... the act of quite stifling and suspending thought, so that there is none to conceal... Speech is of Time, silence is of Eternity... It is idle to think that, by means of words, any real communication can ever pass from one man to another.

How strangely do we diminish a thing as soon as we try to express it in words.

The future is a world limited by ourselves; in it we discover only what concerns us and, sometimes, by chance, what interests those whom we love the most.

A truth that disheartens because it is true is of more value than the most stimulating of falsehoods.

I have done what I could do in life, and if I could not do better, I did not deserve it. In vain I have tried to step beyond what bound me.

The natural and primitive relationship of soul to soul is a relationship of beauty. For beauty is the only language of the soul... It has no other life, it can produce nothing else.

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Maeterlinck, fully Count Maurice Polydore Marie Bernard Maeterlinck
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Belgian Poet, Playwright, Dramatist, Essayist, Nobel Prize in Literature