Mechthild of Magdeburg, also Mechtild

Mechthild of Magdeburg, also Mechtild

German Beguine Medieval Mystic, Author of "The Flowing LIght of Divinity"

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O you pouring God in your gift! O you flowing God in your love! O you burning God in your desire! O you melting God in the union with your beloved! O you resting God on my breasts! Without you I cannot exist.

You have written me in the book of your Godhead, You have fashioned me in Your own image.

Of the Voices of the Godhead - O soaring eagle! Darling lamb! O glowing spark! Set me on fire! How long must I endure this thirst? One hour is already too long; a day is as a thousand years When Thou art absent! Should this continue for eight days I would rather go down to Hell -- (Where indeed I already am!) Than that God should hide Himself from the loving soul; for that were anguish greater than human death, Pain beyond all pain. The nightingale must ever sing because its nature is love; whoso would take that from it would bring it death. Ah! Mighty Lord! Look on my need! Then the Holy Spirit spoke to the soul -- "Come, noble maid! Prepare thyself, the Lover comes!" Startled but inwardly rejoicing she said: "Welcome, faithful messenger, Would that it were ever so! I am so evil and so faithless that I can find no peace of mind Apart from my Love. The moment it seems that I cool but a little from love of Him, Then am I in deep distress and can do nothing but seek for Him lamenting." Then the messenger spoke: "Thou must purify thyself, Sprinkle the dust with water, scatter flowers in thy room." And the exiled soul replied: "When I purify, I blush, When I sprinkle, I weep, When I pray, then must I hope, When I gather flowers, I love. When my Lord comes I am beside myself for their cometh with Him such sweet melody that all carnal desire dieth within me: And His sweet music puts far from me All sorrow of heart. The mighty voice of the Godhead Has spoken to me in powerful words Which I have received With the dull hearing of my misery -- A light of utmost splendor Glows on the eyes of my soul Therein have I seen the inexpressible ordering Of all things, and recognized God's unspeakable glory -- That incomprehensible wonder -- The tender caress between God and the soul, The sufficiency in the Highest, Discipline and understanding, Realization with withdrawal, According to the power of the senses, The unmingled joy of union, The living love of Eternity As it now is and evermore shall be." Then were seen four rays of light which shot forth all at once from the noble crossbow of the Trinity from the Divine Throne through the nine Choirs. There none is so poor nor so rich that he is not met by Love; the rays of the Godhead illuminate him with inconceivable light; the humanity of the Son greets him in brotherly love; The Holy Spirit flows through him with the miraculous creative power Of everlasting joy! The undivided Godhead welcomes him with the glory of His Divine Countenance and fills him with the blessedness Of His life-giving breath. Love flows from God to man without effort As a bird glides through the air Without moving its wings -- Thus they go whithersoever they will United in body and soul Yet in their form separate -- As the Godhead strikes the note Humanity sings, The Holy Spirit is the harpist and all the strings must sound Which are strung in love. There was also seen that sublime vessel in which Christ dwelt nine months on earth in soul and body, as it ever shall remain only without the great glory which at the last day the heavenly Father will give to all the bodies of the redeemed. This our Lady must also lack so long as the earth floats above the sea.

One day I saw with the eyes of my eternity in bliss and without effort, a stone. It tasted sweet, like heavenly herbs.

That prayer has great power which a person makes with all his might. It makes a sour heart sweet, a sad heart merry, a poor heart rich, a foolish heart wise, a timid heart brave, a sick heart well, a blind heart full of sight, a cold heart ardent. It draws down the great God into the little heart; it drives the hungry soul up into the fullness of God; it brings together two lovers, God and the soul, in a wondrous place where they speak much of love.

The Desert Has Many Teachings - In the desert, turn toward emptiness, fleeing the self. Stand alone, ask no one?s help, and your being will quiet, free from the bondage of things. Those who cling to the world, endeavor to free them; those who are free, praise. Care for the sick, but live alone, happy to drink from the waters of sorrow, to kindle Love?s fire with the twigs of a simple life. Thus you will live in the desert.

The devil also offers his spirit to those who in hatred and proud desire are ready for the worst. Such know not that love leads to all good, they become poor from hatred and the fury of the devil, so that it becomes impossible they should ever again find or follow the love of God. True love praises God constantly; longing love gives the pure heart sweet sorrow; seeking love belongs to itself alone; understanding love loves all in common; enlightening love is mingled and sadness; selfless love bears fruit without effort; it functions so quietly that the body knows nothing of it. Clear love is still, in God alone, seeing that both have one will and there is no creature so noble that it can hinder them. This is written by Knowledge out of the everlasting book. Gold is often heavily flecked by copper, just as falseness and vain honor blot out virtue from the human soul. The ignoble soul to whom passing things are so dear that it never trembled before Love. Never heard God speak lovingly in it -- alas! To such this life is darkness!

The highest mountains on earth cannot receive the revelations of my favors because the course of my Holy Spirit flows by nature downhill.

The soul is fashioned in the likeness of God.

Then my soul cried: "Where art thou now, O Constancy? Bid true Faith to come to me!" And the heavenly Father spoke to the soul: "Remember what thou dist see and experience when there was nothing between Me and thee!" Then spoke the Son: "Remember what thy body has suffered for My pain." And the Holy Spirit said: "Remember what thou hast written!" Then both soul and body answered with the true faith of Constancy: "As I have praised and loved, enjoyed and known, thus will I go unchanged from here!

Then shall I leap into love - I cannot dance, Lord, unless you lead me. If you want me to leap with abandon, you must intone the song. Then I shall leap into love, from love into knowledge, from knowledge into enjoyment, and from enjoyment beyond all human sensations. There I want to remain, yet want also to circle higher still.

There is nothing so wise, nor so holy, nor so beautiful, nor so strong, nor so perfect as love.

Thus shall you speak to each of your brothers in the deep humility of your pure heart: 'Alas, my dear fellow, I, though unworthy of anything good, am your servant in all the ways I can be and not your master. Unfortunately, however, I have authority over you and send you forth with the heartfelt love of God. The difficulty of your task moves me deeply, and yet I make the decisions. I rejoice in the sublime honor the heavenly Father has prepared for you.

What I desire, the soul itself will surely find; I will not be utterly withdrawn from it; it must lay itself trustfully in My Divine arms. There will I delight Myself with it; for that reason did I give Myself into its power, even as a Child, Poor, naked, despised, and at last in Death; that it alone may be?if it will?my nearest and dearest companion. And it shall evermore soar and delight soul and body in My Holy Trinity, immersed as a fish in the sea.

Where two lovers come secretly together they must often part, without parting.

O God! You are so generous in pouring out Your gifts! You are so flowing in Your love!

Wouldst thou know my meaning? Lie down in the Fire. See and taste the flowing Godhead through thy being; feel the Holy Spirit moving and compelling thee within the Flowing Fire and Light of God.

O God, You are my God; early will I seek You; my soul thirsts for You; my flesh longs for You in a dry and thirsty land where there is no water.

Yea! I shall drink from Thee and Thou shalt drink from me all the good God has preserved in us. Blessed is he who is so firmly established here that he may never spill out what God has poured into him.

Humanity is forever united to God.

I do not know how to write nor can I, unless I see with the eyes of my soul and hear with the ears of my eternal spirit and feel in all the parts of my body the power of the Holy Spirit.

I rejoice that I love the One Who loves me, and I pray that I may love Him without measure and without ceasing.

I was created in love. For that reason nothing can express my beauty nor liberate me save love alone.

I was warned against writing this book. People said: If one did not watch out, it could be burned. So I did as I used to do as a child. When I was sad, I always had to pray? At once God revealed himself to my joyless soul, held this book in his right hand and said: 'My dear One, do not be overly troubled. No one can burn the truth.'

If I Was A Learned Man - I was warned against writing this book. People said: If one did not watch out, it could be burned. So I did as I used to do as a child. When I was sad, I always had to pray. I bowed to my Lover and said: ?Alas, Lord, now I am saddened all because of your honor. If I am going to receive no comfort from you now, then you led me astray, because you are the one who told me to write it.? At once God revealed himself to my joyless soul, held this book in his right hand, and said: ?My dear one, do not be overly troubled, no one can burn the truth? The words symbolize my marvelous Godhead. It flows continuously into your soul from my divine mouth. The sound of the words is a sign of my living spirit and through it achieves genuine truth. Now examine all these words? how admirably do they proclaim my personal secrets! So have no doubts about yourself.? ?Ah, Lord, if I were a learned religious man, and if you had performed this unique miracle using him, you would receive everlasting honor for it. But how is one supposed to believe that you have built a golden house on filthy ooze? Lord, earthly wisdom will not be able to find you there.?

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Mechthild of Magdeburg, also Mechtild
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German Beguine Medieval Mystic, Author of "The Flowing LIght of Divinity"