Milarepa, fully Jetsun Milarepa

Milarepa, fully Jetsun Milarepa
c. 1052
c. 1135

Tibetan Poet Saint and Yogi

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The Pathway is guarded.

To amass wealth and money invites enemies.

True guidance and misleading temptations appear alike, but do not mistake the one for the other [Pray to know the difference].

When thoughts of the guru arise, [see] him as inseparable from you, at the crown of your head. Meditate on him at the center of your heart.

Wrong deeds ought to be shunned.

The people of the world, with burning desires and craving, distracted by affairs, become the slaves of earth.

To attain Buddhahood we must scatter this life?s aims and objects to the wind.

Try to apply Mahayanic mantra meditation to improve your deep mind. It can take time.

When you are young and vigorous You never think of old age coming, but it approaches slow and sure Like a seed growing underground. When you are strong and healthy you never think of sickness coming, but it descends with sudden force Like a stroke of lightning. When involved in worldly things you never think.

You should know the 'Kernel and shell' of Buddhism, so that learning does not lead you only to confusion.

The profound Essential Teaching is not much appreciated by a sick mind.

To conquer errant thoughts within, practice the Profound Meditation.

Try to meditate without diversions.

When you cherish the most rare gem, soon to others it will belong.

You watch the time of death draw nigh. Grandmother, can you face death with confidence?

The sick man feels no comfort when groaning in lament.

To cope with thoughts, try to see the waves of the sea. They are not apart from the sea.

Trying not to suffer, one only suffers more. Health and strength will in time desert you.

Whenever thoughts of clothing arise, clothe yourself in the blissful heat of tummo.

Your very essence, clear as space, is simple.

The best seeing is the way of ?non-seeing? the radiance of the mind itself. The best prize is what cannot be looked for the priceless treasure of the mind itself.

The sin-obscured need repentance.

To deceive confiding friends is filled with shame and meanness.

Understand the Adi-Yoga (Sanatana-Yoga): The animal-man becomes a hero and then a divine or enlightened Being.

Whenever thoughts of gems and money arise, take the seven Aryan riches as your treasure.

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First Name
Milarepa, fully Jetsun Milarepa
Birth Date
c. 1052
Death Date
c. 1135

Tibetan Poet Saint and Yogi