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A person once bitten by a snake will be scared by an old rope.

A servant serves a king, he serves the king well; a servant serves two kings, he is true to one.

A traveler to distant places should make no enemies.

A chicken eats corn, drinks water, swallows pebbles, yet complains of having no teeth. If she had teeth, would she eat gold? Let her ask the cow who has teeth yet eats grass.

A farmer does not boast that he has had a good harvest until his stock of yams lasts till the following harvest season.

A leader in the community without a pot belly is a stingy man.

A man with a missing tooth does not eat ugiri with relish.

A person who arrives at a feast when the cooked meat is being pulled out of the pot does not know what was endured by others to catch and cook it.

A shepherd does not strike his sheep

A tree does not move unless there is wind.

A chief is a reward of God

A farmer does not conclude by the mere look of it that a corn is unripe; he tears it open for examination.

A lizard that fell from the top of a tree wastes its time looking back to where it fell from; if there was anything good the lizard deserved, it could not have missed it while it was there on top of the tree.

A masquerade does not perform to an outside audience until he performs well at the home base.

A person who chases a chicken is due a fall. The chicken is a master of the dodged escaped.

A single man cannot build a house.

A tree is known by its fruit.

A child does not die because the mother's breasts are dry.

A farmer who would not work inside the rain and would not work under the sun, would have nothing to harvest at the end of the farming year.

A lounging lizard catches no crickets.

A masquerade is not a spirit only because of its mask.

A person who does not bathe, must know it of himself that he is dirty.

A single tree cannot make a forest.

A tree stump never shifts.

A child is what you put into him.

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