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British Cosmetologist, Lecturer, Author and Motivational Speaker

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The size of a plane does not change the weather but it will get you above it. The size of your faith may not change your situation but it will get you over it.

There must be a demand, there must be an urge and there must be a will and where there is a demand and a will, there will also be a way.

What is the difference between a person born with a silver spoon that later eat with the pig and someone born among the pigs without a silver spoon in his mouth and later eat with a golden spoon? One must have changed his mind. If you can renew your mind, you can change your destiny.

When you learn to have the heart of praise in the presence of your enemies, you set the table; if you can work with God in darkness enough depending on the light that He showed you in the last season, you will learn to read your enemies as a sign that it is time to eat. Whenever you sense a crisis in your life, note that your harvest is near.

You can never experience peace until you tell the devil that you are a child of God. CNN or BBC won't do that for you. My bible says if I should say to this mountain, let thou be removed. It didn't say if I should fall, cry or fail but if I should say.

You must love. When you love, you have self-control. When you have self-control, you have freedom. Freedom leads to intimacy sharing. Remember you are responsible for your own choice, decision and limit.

The strength of your growth depends on your leader. If the person you are taking counsel from is weaker than you, you are on your way down.

There must be something that God knows about fear that we don't know. I am sure He knows that when you are in a state of fear, you can't fix anything. When we are in a state of fear we can't talk about anything reasonable and we can't solve anything. That is the problem because the media throws all lies on us to create fear and we fall for it... Number one Satan's strategy of getting some people trapped.

What starts in the heart doesn't stay in the heart, it either turn into action or words.

When you praise God in pain, it is preparing you for provision.

You can only discover yourself first before you can discover who other people are.

You will always end up in frustration whenever you try to produce outside your purpose.

The task is not in getting the healing; the task is in what will you do with your healing. The task is not in seeing the light; the task is in what will you do with the light. It is when you have choices that God can see who you really are not when you are without.

There?s an interesting story about Abraham Lincoln. During the American Civil War he signed an order transferring certain regiments, but Secretary of War Edwin Stanton refused to execute it, calling the president a fool. When Lincoln heard he replied, ?If Stanton said I?m a fool then I must be, for he?s nearly always right, and he says what he thinks. I?ll step over and see for myself.? He did, and when Stanton convinced him the order was in error, Lincoln quietly withdrew it. Part of Lincoln?s greatness lay in his ability to rise above pettiness, ego, and sensitivity to other people?s opinions. He wasn?t easily offended. He welcomed criticism, and in doing so demonstrated one of the strengths of a truly great person: humility. So, have you been criticized? Make it a time to learn, not lose.

What you need is not too big for God to supply.

When you rejects knowledge God can't help you because He can't help you with what you do not know.

You can prophecy without going to the bible school. If you acknowledge Jesus, you receive the gift of prophecy and you can prophecy. The holy spirit is always there for you.

Your body can be in captivity, your life can be in captivity, but there is only one thing you should not allow to be in captivity; that is your soul.

The things I call crisis and all the things that were coming after me are all coming to serve the purpose of God in my life.

There's supposed to be more value in your life than spending more than sixty hours in a week in a place you don't care about and in an environment they don't care about you.

What you need to succeed is already there, just lean on God. For your faith's sake, God can still disappoint the devil.

Whenever someone is a threat to the enemy there will be an attack dispatched against that person to try to minimize their effectiveness.

You can win war without fighting and you must not fight a war in order to win. The battle is of the Lord.

Your mouth can correct what is wrong. Your eyes can see evil and your mouth can speak righteousness. Your body can say I am sick while your mouth can say I am healed. Your eyes can say I am blind but your mouth can say I can see, Your pocket can say I am empty while your mouth can say I am swimming in abundance. Your Doctor can say that you are HIV Positive and Cancer but your mouth can say my body is a holy temple of God and by His stripes I am healed. Your womb can say that you are barren while your mouth can say Behold, children are a gift of the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward. Don?t live by sight, live by faith. Put it in practice.

The world is full of problems and I bet you the problems will continue to exist but what will make you relevant to the world is when you have answers to the questions the world asks. You can only be useful when you have the answers to the questions of the world. The best way you provide solutions and answers to those challenges is through wisdom.

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British Cosmetologist, Lecturer, Author and Motivational Speaker