Richard and Mary-Alice Jafolla

Richard and Mary-Alice
c. 1994

American Authors for Unity Church and Creators of Jafolla, Directors of Silent Unity, Executive Editors of Daily Word

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Everything begins with an idea. Your thoughts are the blueprint for your life. Your thoughts today create your world of tomorrow. Change your thoughts and you will change your world. Through the power of your thinking, you are continuously drawing kinds of events into your life. You have absolute control over your reactions.

Faith is expectation. Whatever you strongly and consistently expect to come into your life is invariably what you will experience... Faith is always accompanied by strong emotion. Faith can only extend to the self-imposed boundaries of your present consciousness.

Judging only by outer appearances is a mistake, because things are rarely what they seem... Disapproval of a person is disapproval of God. There is a great difference between being judgmental and using good judgment. You have to love each person’s divine essence, but you do not have to like someone’s inappropriate behavior. Wrong judgment impedes your spiritual growth.

Love must be released... We can love unconditionally... We are always capable of unconditional love - true love.

No time exists other than now... So now is all you have and all you ever will have... Why not begin doing the best you can right where you are?... Trust the process of growth. Trust God. Pay attention to the details of your life, doing your very best with each challenge that presents itself... The past is the raw material of the present, but the past is not a blueprint for the present... Begin where you are. Do what you can. Even a small effort to change, to grow, to improve, will bring astonishing results... You can choose to build on what you were, but you are not what you were. You can focus on what you will be, but you are not what you will be. What you are is what you are right now - the inheritor of all of God’s gifts.

Old disease patterns keep replicating themselves when the old thought patterns stay the same. All healing techniques serve to bring about a change in consciousness, which means a new expectancy of wholeness. What you expect at the deepest level is what you get. Your body loves to hear the truth about itself. Your body cannot help but respond to an awareness of and an expectancy of wholeness.

Our whole life is prayer.

Prayer is not to change God. It is to change you.

The conditions of your life mirror the condition of your soul.

Whatever you attach to the words I am is what you are claiming for yourself... Words are the lasers of human thought... Words, in fact, are random thoughts which have been brought together to become “coherent thought.”

You didn’t begin when you entered this world. Your soul is on an eternal journey.

“Do you want to be healed?” translates into “Do you want to exorcise your belief in and expectation of illness?

You don’t gain faith, you discover it and you direct it. The issue is not how much faith you have, but where your faith is invested. You have faith on many different levels and in many different ways, but its most perfect expression is in your spiritual nature.

A change in belief patterns takes place on the most basic level of existence.

Your thoughts are the most powerful part of you. They actually create your world... It is from our thoughts that we systematically draw the people, places, and circumstances into our lives that eventually become our reality.

All roads eventually lead to God.

As a part of God, that which we are eternally had no beginning nor does it have any end. It is really enough for us to know - that life persists, that it is indeed eternal - and then to get on with the life that we are experiencing in the here and now. We are always greater than what we express, and the purpose of our life is to express more and more of what we eternally are. We do that by living each moment of life as a joyful song of exultation to God... We view each event in our journey as stages of an unfolding spiritual process.

As a wave is part of the ocean, you are part of God.

A desire without a deed is a dead end.

Personal relationships are a major cause of unhappiness... Trying to find successful ways of dealing with people according to their personality traits is futile and time-consuming, and it puts the emphasis on outer characteristics rather than where it belongs, which is on the inner... There is an underlying sameness to us all... Operating from the space-time continuum, it is too easy to see others as different from us, to see boundaries, to be exclusive. Operating from our spiritual center, however, is to see others as part of ourselves, to see no boundaries, to be inclusive.

Actually, you will never have more potential for prosperity and wholeness than you have now.

The goal is oneness with God, nothing more, nothing less.

Do our actions always mirror what we know in our hearts to be true?

The key to prosperity is the realization that prosperity doesn’t come by getting more. It comes by giving more... You do not deprive someone else when you prosper, as the Source is unlimited.

Every thought, feeling, word, and action, whether large or small is a cause which sets into motion an eventual corresponding effect. You don’t always sow where you sow, but you always reap what you sow. You can always, at any moment, put a new cause into motion.

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Richard and Mary-Alice
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c. 1994

American Authors for Unity Church and Creators of Jafolla, Directors of Silent Unity, Executive Editors of Daily Word