Robert Kiyosaki, fully Robert Toru Kiyosaki

Kiyosaki, fully Robert Toru Kiyosaki

American Businessman, Investor, Financial Literacy Activist, Motivational Speaker and Best-Selling Author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" books

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There will always be that someone who will do the things that you don't want to do. Bad thing is that they are not going to do it for your favor, but for their own.

This is our objective: We want our down payment back, a free asset, free cashflow and tax breaks.

Today when we want a new liability, may be a new car or vacation house, all we have to do is acquire or develop an asset first, and that asset will pay for the liability.

Use your mind to make money? and not to take excuses.

We only memorize historical dates and names, not the lesson.

When I am asked, ?Where did I learn my formula for getting rich?? I reply, ?Playing the game of Monopoly as a kid.?

When you are forced to think, you expand your mental capacity. When you expand your mental capacity, your wealth increases.

Who you know can make the biggest difference in your financial life. Get out there and meet people! NETWORK!

You can only choose between rich and poor. The middle class is gone.

You need to understand the difference between an asset and a liability. An asset puts money in your pocket and a liability takes money from your pocket. The rich understand the difference and buy assets, not liabilities.

Your mentors in life are important, so choose them wisely.

There's four things that make the most, 90% of the people, poor: Number 1 is taxes. Two is debt - college loans, house loans, car payments, credit cards. Three is inflation... And the fourth thing that makes people poor is their retirement plan.

This is the best of times for those willing to study, learn quickly, work hard? learn from the past to succeed in the future.

Today, businesses can do more business with fewer employees and thus become more profitable.

Using other people?s money is literally the best way to reduce your taxes in the I quadrant. That?s because you can take deductions for the purchases you make with other people?s money. Depreciation on real estate is a particularly great way to take tax benefits on someone else?s money. You get a deduction not just for the portion of the real estate you paid for with your own money, but you also get a depreciation deduction for the portion paid for with the bank?s money.

Weaker currency means inflation at home.

When I started my last business, I didn?t receive a paycheck for 13 months. The average person can?t handle that pressure.

When you are young, work to learn, not to earn.

Whole new businesses will emerge around breakthrough products as revolutionary technologies accelerate capitalism's creative destruction of slower industries.

You cannot teach a poor person to be rich. You can only teach a person who wants to learn to be rich to be rich.

You take a look at this 40-year-run on the dollar - the dollar is designed economically to lose money every single year. So why would you save something that loses money every year?

Your money should be a good bird dog. It helps you find a bird, catch the bird and then goes out to get another bird. Most people?s money acts like the bird that just flies away.

They get up every day and go work for money, not taking the time to ask the question, ?Is there another way?

This rise of the new global mega-rich is happening as established institutions are falling. The fall runs the gamut from the music business and traditional media to the Detroit automakers who find themselves obsolete, outmaneuvered, and out-priced by entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, Mumbai, Shanghai, and even Siberia.

Today, medical devices such as catheters and stethoscopes use silver, and every hospital in the western world uses silver sulfadiazine to prevent infections.

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Kiyosaki, fully Robert Toru Kiyosaki
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American Businessman, Investor, Financial Literacy Activist, Motivational Speaker and Best-Selling Author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" books