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American Entrepreneur, Founder of Chick-fil-A Restaurants

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Why would I retire from something I enjoy doing? I can hardly wait to get here.

We have an impact on our children by what we say, but particularly by what we do. They forget many of the things we say, but they observe everything we do. We can?t expect to keep beer in the refrigerator and expect our fifteen-year-old not to drink beer.

We like to concentrate on kids?grown-ups have had their chance, and they?ve blown it. I can tell you success stories and disappointments. Some kids inherit weakness from their parents. They learn to lie and cheat. Some who have had the most potential have gone on to become the biggest disappointments. But I think we?re successful at least 75 percent of the time. This is worth my effort.

We live in a changing world, but we need to be reminded that the important things have not changed?

We soon ran into another roadblock ? a shortage of building materials. The war effort had consumed virtually every scrap of steel and copper in America, and lumber was almost as scare? so I had to beat the bushes for material. [On building their first restaurant]

We were glad for the success, but while it showed that people were eating Chick-fil-A, it also hit us hard in the pocketbook. I didn't want the Operators to have to pay for the unexpected rise in advertising cost, even though they benefited in the long run.

We?re not just in the chicken business, we?re in the people business.

We?re not limited to traditional media for advertising. Some of the strongest messages can be delivered for free. I carry a big Chick-fil-A shopping bag whenever I travel?

Wealth has the power to build up and to destroy.

When customers say, ?Thank you,? team members are encouraged to respond, ?My pleasure.?

When I had two restaurants, I had one too many. So the Lord burned one down and gave me the chance to start Chick-fil-A.

When we opened the first Chick-fil-A restaurant in 1967 I never expected a chain of 1,000 restaurants and at that time I was not capable of running such an operation. But I grew into it one day at a time with the help of talented people around me.

When we share time with children, the little things often become lifetime memories for them.

When World War II ended, my brother Ben and I decided we wanted to go into the restaurant business. Ben had all of the restaurant experience between us ? a short time working at The Varsity near the Georgia Tech campus.

Put two Cows on a billboard with a bucket of paint and a brush, and they?ll create some unexpected opportunities? They remind people in their unique style to ?Eat Mor Chikin!? The Cows still haven?t learned to spell, and their grammar leaves a lot to be desired, but the opportunities are real. Five years after they painted their first billboard, Chick-fil-A had doubled our sales volume, achieving annual sales of more than $1 billion.

Too many CEOs are leaving sinking ships. They should be the last ones to leave the company. If some people are losing money, everyone should lose money, not just the stockholders.

Repetition yields constants. Constants create cultures.

We ask that you make your business decisions based on biblical principles. There seem to be no conflicts when we tell people of various faiths how important it is to stick to the scriptures in business decisions. In the scriptures we learn how to handle our business, how to give customers good service and how to treat employees.

Rural life left many scars. Six years before I was born, a fire destroyed the family home and all its contents? With no insurance, the expense laid a heavy financial burden on the family.

We find closing on Sunday attracts those people who give attention to spiritual growth and are family oriented. The fact that we have Sunday closing helps attract quality housewives and young people as employees.

Sir John Templeton, the financial investment expert and creator of the Templeton Funds, tells audiences the safest recommendation and the one that pays the greatest dividend is tithing?

Sometimes success is disguised as hard work.

Take advantage of unexpected opportunities.

Thank you for permitting us to close on Sundays. We're doing business on your premises and you did not have to make an exception. Because of this, we'll pledge to you exceptional performance during the six days we are open.

The ?Eat Mor Chikin? Cows now have become more than characters in an advertisement. They?re real. Wherever I go I carry a bunch of plush Cow toys. They always make people happy, whether they?re children or adults ? even workers in boots and soiled shirts. Everybody loves them. When I give one away I always ask the person to tell me what the Cows say, and hold onto it until they say, ?Eat Mor Chikin!?

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American Entrepreneur, Founder of Chick-fil-A Restaurants