Scottish Proverbs


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Yule is young o Yule even, an auld on Saint Steven.

Your gear will never o'er gang you.

Your head will never fill your father's bonnet.

Your meal's a' deagh.

Your minnie's milk is no out of your nose yet.

Your purse was steeked when that was paid for.

Your thrift's as good as the profit of a yell hen.

Your tongue rins aye before your wit.

Youth never casts for peril.

You may as well keep your breath to cool your porridge.

Young cowtes will canter.

Young deuks can be auld geese.

Young ducks may be auld geese.

Young folk may dee, auld folk maun dee.

Young saints, auld sinners.

Your ame thinks your wysen's cutted.

Your een's greedier than your guts.

You cannot gather berries off a just any bush.

You can't have your cake and eat it.

Ye're very foresichted, like Forsyth's cat.

Ye're weel awa if ye bide, an we're weel quat.

Ye're welcome, but ye'll no win ben.

Ye'se get yer brose oot o the lee side o the pot.

You are worrying unnecessarily.

You can?t teach an old dog new tricks.

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