Scottish Proverbs


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Ye're never pleas'd fu' nor fasting.

Ye're never pleased, fou nor fastin.

Ye're like the Kilbarchan calves-like best tae drink wi the wisp in yer mou.

Ye're like the lambs-ye dae naething but sook an wag yer tail.

Ye're like the man that socht his horse, an him on its back.

Ye're like the miller's dog--ye lick your lips ere the pock be opened.

Ye're like the miller's dug-ye lick yer lips or the pock be opened.

Ye're like the minister o Balie, preachin for selly.

Ye're like the dug o Dodhaa, baith dooble an twa-faced.

Ye're like the dugs o Dunraggit-ye winna bark unless ye hae yer hinder end tae the waa.

Ye're like the hens ye rin aye to the heap.

Ye're like Macfarlane's geese - ye hae mair mind o yer play than yer maet.

Ye're like me, an I'm nae smaa drink.

Ye're like Piper Bennet's bitch-ye lick till ye burst.

Ye're like the cooper aa Fogo, ye drive aff better girs than ye caa on.

Ye're like the corbie messenger-ye come wi naither alms nor answer.

Ye're like the cou-cowper o Swinton, ye'll no slocken.

Ye're like the deid fowk o Earlstoun-no tae lippen tae.

Ye're like a bad liver-the last day there's aye maist tae dae wi ye.

Ye're like a hen on a het girdle.

Ye're like a ill shillin-ye'll come back again.

Ye're like a Lauderdale bawbee, as bad as bad can be.

Ye're like a rotten nit-no worth crackin for the kernel.

Ye're but young cocks-yer craw's roupy.

Ye're like a singed cat-better than ye're bonny.

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