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Ye're a day efter the fair.

Yer breid's baked, ye can hing up yer girdle.

Ye're a deil an nae cou, like the man's bull.

Yer een's greedier than yer guts.

Ye're a fine sword, qo the fuil tae the wheat braird.

Yer een's no marrows.

Ye're a fit ahint the foremaist.

Yer een's yer merchant.

Ye're a foot behint the foremost.

Yer fortune's comin wi the blinnd cairier.

Ye're a guid seeker but a ill finder.

Yer heid canna get up but yer stamack follows.

Ye're a guid seeker but a ill finnder.

Yer mind's aye chasin mice.

Ye're a honest man, an I'm yer uncle-that's twa big lees.

Ye'll play a smaa gemme afore ye stand oot.

Ye'll ne'er cast saut on his tail.

Ye'll see the gowk in yer sleep.

Ye'll neither dance or haud the candle.

Ye'll sit till ye sweat an wirk till ye freeze.

Ye'll never be auld wi sae muckle honesty.

Ye'll sleep yer brains inta train oil.

Ye'll never be sae auld with sae mickle honesty.

Ye'll tak mair in yer mooth than yer cheeks will haud.

Ye'll never cast saut on his tail.

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