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American Author, Works with Hospice Patients

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The higher you climb, the more Satan will take notice. Keep climbing! Heaven's gate has a lock.

The most common lie you will ever tell God is your opportunity to do the right thing was taken from you.

The only man meant to be in your life is a man that knows your worth.

The price tag that you put on your soul will determine the people and circumstances in which you find yourself.

The true definition of mental illness is when the majority of your time is spent in the past or future, but rarely living in the realism of NOW.

There are only two ways to live your life. One as if all that matters is to have someone love and accept you. The other is as though loving and accepting another person is all that matters. Often, when you choose the second you get the first.

There is nothing worse than being surrounded by a bunch of people telling you to do what is right, when they can't define that definition, without a lot of hatred and judgment behind it.

To love someone with all of your heart requires reaching them where they are with the only words they can understand.

Truth was never meant to make you comfortable, unless you stand in the middle of it with acceptance.

We don?t yet have a body of scientific knowledge about evil to be called a facet of psychology. Therefore, religious reasoning for actions will always be at the discretion of the psychologist, thus making them the judge and jury over what is delusion and what is a spiritual experience that has to be sedated.

When criticism doesn't make sense, it is usually coming from a different place.

When the greedy executives of rich religions go before Him, they will say, Remember me for who I was. And God will answer, I do remember but you have forgotten who you use to be.

It is not the number of prayers that will give you happiness, but the number you answer for another person.

It takes a woman to raise a child,

Life is the first gift, love is the second, and understanding the third.

Marriage is what you make of it, and God has many versions of what that looks like based on what different souls need, in order to grow.

My fairytale was full of witches, pixies, pirates, dementors, princesses, clowns, true love, betrayal, battles and kings. Yet, I stood on the edge of never and with the bravery of a queen I could see across forever....and I whispered to the wind, Morals of great stories didn?t live in kindness. They bloomed from the ashes of who you were to where you were meant to be.

Never mistake the uncomfortable feeling of insecurity and the fear of the unknown with the Holy Ghost?s promptings. Sometimes those feelings are simply Satan keeping you stuck where you are because he knows you will have a half-life there. He knows that you will spend half of your life disconnected, discontented and convincing your mind of what its heart will never accept. He knows when you have settled, gave up and didn?t try. Inaction is his greatest weapon, while regret is his second.

Not long ago, I learned that if I let other people tell me how God was supposed to work in my life I would be dead. If I would have given into someone else?s version of God then I would have done nothing to improve my situation. The notion that if it was meant to be, it will be, is a pacifying, yet harmful quote, that many spiritualists use to soften the blow of anger. God is not passive. He is relentless, and he will build you through fire. He will put in your heart a need for answers. The intensity of what bothers your soul is often his voice trying to take you from the limited vision of mankind to the full view of the best life he would like to offer you. He is above any pastor, any bishop, any prophet, any church, any cleverly crafted sermon or multi-meaning verse. He is the master of his craft and the author of your forever. Inner peace is only found through action. Fear may darken the trail, but the light of peace stands at the end of such a journey ----waiting with truth.

One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself.

People that hold onto hate for so long do so because they want to avoid dealing with their pain. They falsely believe if they forgive they are letting their enemy believe they are a doormat. What they don?t understand is hatred can?t be isolated or turned off. It manifests in their health, choices and belief systems. Their values and religious beliefs make adjustments to justify their negative emotions. Not unlike malware infesting a hard drive, their spirit slowly becomes corrupted and they make choices that don?t make logical sense to others. Hatred left unaddressed will crash a person?s spirit. The only thing he or she can do is to reboot, by fixing him or herself, not others. This might require installing a firewall of boundaries or parental controls on their emotions. Regardless of the approach, we are all connected on this network of life and each of us is responsible for cleaning up our spiritual registry.

Reasoning with senselessness will never build faith. Faith is strengthened when you stop collecting fragmented signs and questionable hunches, in order to build an acceptable reason for your wrong decisions and less than desirable circumstances.

Settling is not a destination, rather a vacation rental staring at an endless sea that dares you to cross its waves.

Some women don't care what you can do for them. They care about what you could make of them in the inside.

Sometimes your belief system is really your fears attached to rules.

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American Author, Works with Hospice Patients