Ted Kennedy, fully Edward Moore "Ted" Kennedy

Kennedy, fully Edward Moore "Ted" Kennedy

United States Senator from Massachusetts serving 47 years, the second most senior member of the Senate when he died and fourth-longest-serving senator in U.S. history.

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We want to support our troops because they didn't make the decision to go there... but I don't think it should be open-ended. We ought to have a benchmark where the administration has to come back and give us a report.

We will continue this battle here in the United States Senate and in the course of the elections... I'm absolutely sure that at the end of the day we will preserve the Medicare system ... and we will get to the day when we have a real prescription drug program.

We will not be able to move past this scandal as a nation until there is full independent investigation of all that has gone wrong in our detention and interrogation policy, and all the persons found responsible for these shameful policies are held accountable,

What happened to those promises?

What the American people have seen is this incredible disparity in which those people who had cars and money got out and those people who were impoverished died,

With Barack Obama, we will turn the page on the old politics of misrepresentation and distortion. With Barack Obama we will close the book on the old politics of race against race, gender against gender, ethnic group against ethnic group, and straight against gay.

We must not surrender to the relentless medical inflation that can bankrupt almost anyone and that may soon break the budgets of government at every level. Let us insist on real control over what doctors and hospitals can charge, and let us resolve that the state of a family's health shall never depend on the size of a family's wealth.

We have known for many years that Saddam Hussein is seeking and developing weapons of mass destruction.

We have lost the respect of other nations in the world. Where do we go to get our respect back? How do we re-establish the working relationships we need with other countries to win the war on terrorism and advance the ideals we share? How can we possibly expect President Bush to do that? He's the problem, not the solution. Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam, and this country needs anew President.

We know that, at the outset, you're going to have the same kind of fight on this as we had on big tobacco. Make no mistake about it. And the insurance industries will be out there and they'll be having the same kind of battle,

We can perhaps remember - even if only for a tirne - that those who live with us are our brothers; that they share with us the same short moment of life; that they seek - as we do - nothing but the chance to live out their lives in purpose and happiness, winning what satisfaction and fulfillment they can.

We cannot simply speak out against an escalation of troops in Iraq, we must act to prevent it?There can be no doubt that the Constitution gives Congress the authority to decide whether to fund military action, and Congress can demand a justification from the president for such action before it appropriates the funds to carry it out.

We have amended the Constitution only 17 times... [It] has often been amended to expand and protect people's rights, never to take away or restrict their rights,

We are giving assurance to the American families that help is on its way.

We are told that Barack Obama believes too much in an America of high principle and bold endeavor, but when John Kennedy called of going to the moon, he didn't say, "It's too far to get there. We shouldn't even try." Our people answered his call and rose to the challenge, and today an American flag still marks the surface of the moon.

We can be proud that our Party stands for a fair housing law to unlock the doors of discrimination once and for all. The American house will be divided against itself so long as there is prejudice against any American buying or renting a home. And we can be proud that our Party stands plainly and publicly and persistently for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. Women hold their rightful place at our convention, and women must have their rightful place in the Constitution of the United States. On this issue we will not yield, we will not equivocate, we will not rationalize, explain or excuse. We will stand for E.R.A. and for the recognition at long last that our nation was made up of founding mothers as well as founding fathers.

To the highways and byways of this country and to the senior citizen centers and nursing homes where the senior citizens gather.

Today, we say the only thing we have to fear is four more years of George Bush.

Try as I might, I cannot find the evidence to conclude that John Roberts understands the real world impact of court decisions on civil rights and equal rights in this country,

Until Iraqis are going to fight for their own country, we are going to have a very, very dangerous situation.

Wanted or unwanted, I believe that human life, even at its earliest stages, has certain rights which must be recognized ? the right to be born, the right to love, the right to grow old....When history looks back to this era it should recognize this generation as one which cared about human beings enough to halt the practice of war, to provide a decent living for every family, and to fulfill its responsibility to its children from the very moment of conception.

We all know what's going on. The tobacco industry is interested in some kind of watered down bill. They're more interested in the political lives of those senators rather than the lives of children that are really at risk,

Thus, the controversy about the Moral Majority arises not only from its views, but from its name - which, in the minds of many, seems to imply that only one set of public policies is moral and only one majority can possibly be right.

This legislation removes the unfair barriers that currently hinder the ability of battered immigrants to escape domestic violence safely and prosecute their abusers.

This one has a lot of horsepower and a lot of firepower behind it in terms of the membership that are in support of it.

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Kennedy, fully Edward Moore "Ted" Kennedy
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United States Senator from Massachusetts serving 47 years, the second most senior member of the Senate when he died and fourth-longest-serving senator in U.S. history.