Thomas Haliburton, fully Thomas Chandler Haliburton, pseudonym "Sam Slick"

Haliburton, fully Thomas Chandler Haliburton, pseudonym "Sam Slick"

Canadian Politician, Judge and Author known for his humorist sketches and essays

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A knowledge of God is the foundation of all wisdom.

Avarice fills its purse at the expense of its belly.

Don't stand shivering upon the bank; plunge in at once and have it over.

A man is never astonished that he doesn't know what another does, but he is surprised at the gross ignorance of the other in not knowing what he does.

Be it remembered that we command nature, as it were, by obeying nature's laws; so the woman who would control her husband does so through obedience.

Don't trade with a man that is over sanctimonious, or you will be taken in.

A miss is as good as a mile.

blessed shield, that glorious institution - the rich man's terror, the poor man's hope, the people's pride, the nation's glory - Trial by Jury.

Dream of that constable, his name is Fear, he'll be at your heels till you die.

A power imprudently given to the executive, or to the people, is seldom or never got back.

Boys are mothers' sons. It's only gals who take after their father.

Every man's religion is his own, and nobody else's business.

A small house well filled is better than an empty palace.

By work you get money, by talk you get knowledge.

Every woman is in the wrong until she cries, and then she is in the right instantly.

A suspicious parent makes an artful child.

Ceremony is all backbone.

Everything has altered its dimensions, except the world we live in. The more we know of that, the smaller it seems. Time and distance have been abridged, remote countries have become accessible, and the antipodes are upon visiting terms. There is a reunion of the human race; and the family resemblance now that we begin to think alike, dress alike, and live alike, is very striking. The South Sea Islanders, and the inhabitants of China, import their fashions from Paris, and their fabrics from Manchester, while Rome and London supply missionaries to the ?ends of the earth,? to bring its inhabitants into ?one fold, under one Shepherd.? Who shall write a book of travels now? Livingstone has exhausted the subject. What field is there left for a future Munchausen? The far West and the far East have shaken hands and pirouetted together, and it is a matter of indifference whether you go to the moors in Scotland to shoot grouse, to South America to ride and alligator, or to Indian jungles to shoot tigers-there are the same facilities for reaching all, and steam will take you to either with the equal ease and rapidity. We have already talked with New York; and as soon as our speaking-trumpet is mended shall converse again. ?To waft a sigh from Indus to the pole,? is no longer a poetic phrase, but a plain matter of fact of daily occurrence. Men breakfast at home, and go fifty miles to their counting-houses, and when their work is done, return to dinner. They don?t go from London to the seaside, by way of change, once a year; but they live on the coast, and go to the city daily. The grand tour of our forefathers consisted in visiting the principle cities of Europe. It was a great effort, occupied a vast deal of time, cost a large sum of money, and was oftener attended with danger than advantage. It comprised what was then called, the world: whoever had performed it was said to have ?seen the world,? and all that it contained. The Grand Tour now means a voyage round the globe, and he who has not made it has seen nothing.

A wise saw is more valuable than a whole book, and a plain truth is better than an argument.

Changing one thing for another is not always reform.

Facts are stranger than fiction.

A woman has two smiles that an angel might envy, the smile that accepts the lover afore words are uttered, and the smile that lights on the first-born baby, and assures him of a mother's love.

Circumstances alter cases.

Failures to heroic minds are the stepping stones to success.

Absurdities die of self-strangulation.

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Haliburton, fully Thomas Chandler Haliburton, pseudonym "Sam Slick"
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Canadian Politician, Judge and Author known for his humorist sketches and essays