Virgil, also Vergil, fully Publius Vergilius Maro

Virgil, also Vergil, fully Publius Vergilius Maro
70 B.C.
19 B.C.

Roman Poet known for the epic "Aeneid"

Author Quotes

Who could tell such a story with dry eyes?

Practice and thought might gradually forge many an art.

Steep thyself in a bowl of summertime.

The Fates oppose.

The medicine increases the disease.

There is no rescue in war.

Time bears all away, even memory

Trust the expert.

What each man feared would happen to himself, did not trouble him when he saw that it would ruin another.

Why are you mangling me, Aeneas? Spare my body. I am buried here. Do spare the profanation of your pious hands. I am no stranger to you; I am Trojan. The blood you see does not flow from a stem. Flee from these cruel lands, this greedy shore, for I am Polydorus; here an iron harvest of lances covered my pierced body.

Praise a large domain, cultivate a small estate.

Straightway throughout the Libyan cities flies rumor—the report of evil things than which nothing is swifter; it flourishes by its very activity and gains new strength by its movements; small at first through fear, it soon raises itself aloft and sweeps onward along the earth. Yet its head reaches the clouds. A huge and horrid monster covered with many feathers: and for every plume a sharp eye, for every pinion a biting tongue. Everywhere its voices sound, to everything its ears are open.

The Fates will find a way.

The mind moves the matter.

There should be no strife with the vanquished or the dead.

Time bears away all things, even our minds.

Unspeakable, queen, are the pains you command me to renew.

What region of the earth is not full of our calamities?

Will Mars be always in your windy tongue and in your flying feet?

Restless work conquers everything.

Success feeds them; they can, because it seems they can

The flocks fear the wolf, the crops the storm, and the trees the wind.

The mind of man is ignorant of fate and future destiny, and cannot keep within due bounds when elated by prosperity.

There's a snake lurking in the grass.

Time flies never to be recalled.

Author Picture
First Name
Virgil, also Vergil, fully Publius Vergilius Maro
Birth Date
70 B.C.
Death Date
19 B.C.

Roman Poet known for the epic "Aeneid"