Virgil, also Vergil, fully Publius Vergilius Maro

Virgil, also Vergil, fully Publius Vergilius Maro
70 B.C.
19 B.C.

Roman Poet known for the epic "Aeneid"

Author Quotes

Mantua gave me birth, Calabri snatched me away, now Parthenope holds me; I sang of shepherds, pastures, and heroes.

Nowhere is faith secure.

In a blush love finds a barrier.

Just as the bees in early summer, busy beneath the sunlight through the flowered meadows.

Meanwhile, Time is flying - flying, never to return.

O accursed hunger of gold, to what dost thou not compel human hearts!

In my sleep the image of the prophet Cassandra appeared and offered blazing brands. 'Look here for Troy; here is your home!' she cried. The time to act is now; such signs do not allow delay. Here are four altars raised to Neptune; the god himself gives us the will, the torches.

Know first, the heaven, the earth, the main, the moon's pale orb, the starry train, are nourished by a soul, a bright intelligence, which darts its influence through the several parts and animates the whole.

Mind moves matter.

O farmers, pray that your summers be wet and your winters clear.

In quarrels such as these not ours to intervene.

Knowing sorrow well, I learn to succor the distressed.

Miseries of which I was an eye witness and in which I took a chief part.

O that Jupiter would but bring back to me the years that have passed!

In strife who inquires whether stratagem or courage was used?

Labor conquers everything.

My voice stuck in my throat.

O thrice and four-times blessed !

In vain have you tried your father's arts, you slippery one.

Learn all from one thing.

Myself acquainted with misfortune, I learn to help the unfortunate.

O Trojans, do not trust the horse. Be it what it may, I fear the Grecians even when they offer gifts.

Is it then so sad a thing to die?

Learn now of the treachery of the Greeks, and from one example the character of the nation may be known.

Natural things are not shameful.

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First Name
Virgil, also Vergil, fully Publius Vergilius Maro
Birth Date
70 B.C.
Death Date
19 B.C.

Roman Poet known for the epic "Aeneid"