William John Locke

William John

British Guyana-born Novelist and Playwright

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As I enter on the path of happiness, I scatter the dregs and shreds and clippings of the past behind me. I divest myself of all the crapulous years.

Men are men and women are women. We've tried for tens of thousands of years to lay down hard and fast lines for the sexes to walk upon, and we've failed miserably.

Beyond all the fires of love through which one passes there is the star of Duty, and happy the individual who can live in its serenity.

My little Asticot, I have abjured absinthe and forsworn caf‚s. I have broken my new porcelain pipe and have cut my finger-nails. As I enter on the path of happiness, I scatter the dregs and shreds and clippings of the past behind me. I divest myself of all the crapulous years.

Children are the root of all evil.... Happy the man who has his quiver empty.

My love is hopeless! I know it. But it will feed me to my dying day.

Don't be a genius, my son, it isn't good for anybody.

No matter through what realms of the fantastic you may travel, you arrive inevitably at the commonplace.

Every man's first declaration of love is bathos--the zenith of his passion connoting perhaps the nadir of his intelligence.

Our happiness is made up of the things we miss.

I can tell you at any rate how to get what you want. You've just got to keep a thing in view and go for it and never let your eye wander to right or left or up or down. And looking back is fatal--the truest thing in Scripture is about Lot's wife.

Sex is a queer and incalculable solvent of human confidence.

I felt I had stepped into something big and splendid, as if I had been a caterpillar walking into the heart of a red rose. I felt prim and small and petty. Until then I had never known what love meant.

Sex is the ... tremulous and bewildering and nerve-racking and delicious and myriad-adjectived soul-condition ... generally known as love. Ninety-nine point nine repeater percent of the world's literature has been devoted to its analysis. It's therefore of some importance.

I hold in my hands the very soul of a man. What more dare a woman ask of the high gods?

The measure of my success is the measure of my happiness.

I think love is serious. It's like an invention: sometimes it lies deep down inside you, great and quiet--and at other times it racks you and keeps you from sleeping.

The only cure for loss of illusions is fresh illusions, more illusions, and always illusions.

If you love a Dream Woman ... let her stay the divine Woman of the Dream. To awaken and clasp flesh and blood, no matter how delicately tender, and find that love has sped at the dawn is a misery too deep for tears.

The only remedy against the malady of life is life itself. The bane is its own antidote.

I'll lock the skeleton in its cupboard and throw away the key.

To read of human depravity in the police reports is one thing, to see it fall like a black shadow across one's life is another.

In France the men all live in cafes, the children are all put out to nurse, and the women, saving the respect of mademoiselle -- well, the less said about them the better.

What is a logical mind?... It is the antiseptic which destroys the bacilli of unreason whereby true happiness is vivified.

It all depends whether hope is in front or behind you.

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British Guyana-born Novelist and Playwright