Random Quotes

Saul Bellow

But she's a nut, and nuts win.


Temperance, in the nobler sense, does not mean a subdued and imperfect energy; it does not mean a stopping short in any good thing, as in love or in faith; but it means the power which governs the most intense energy, and prevents its acting in any way but as it ought.

Wolof Proverbs

Integrity eats but not until full, then leaves the table.

Larry Page, formally Lawrence Page

We are excited about Internet access in general. With better access to the Internet, people do more searches.

Michael J. Behe

Darwin's mechanism of natural selection would actually hinder the formation of irreducibly complex systems such as the clotting cascade.

Italian Proverbs

Go softly at bad bits of road.

Seneca the Younger, aka Seneca or Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Death is a release from and an end of all pains: beyond it our sufferings cannot extend: it restores us to the peaceful rest in which we lay before we were born. If anyone pities the dead, he ought also to pity those who have not been born. Death is neither a good nor a bad thing, for that alone which is something can be a good or a bad thing: but that which is nothing, and reduces all things to nothing, does not hand us over to either fortune, because good and bad require some material to work upon. Fortune cannot take ahold of that which Nature has let go, nor can a man be unhappy if he is nothing.

Sterling W. Sill, fully Sterling Welling Sill

Satan has no power over us except as we give it to him. God never forces us to do right, and Satan has no power to force us to do wrong.

Graham Greene

It is impossible to go through life without trust: that is to be imprisoned in the worst cell of all, oneself.

Sylvia Ashton-Warner, fully Sylvia Constance Ashton-Warner

What can be heavier in wealth than freedom?

Thomas Boston

Consider the end of God’s decrees – and this is no other than His own glory. Every rational agent acts for an end; and God being the most perfect agent, and His glory the highest end, there can be no doubt but all His decrees are directed to that end. “For to Him are all things.”

Walter Lippmann

In making the great experiment of governing people by consent rather than by coercion, it is not sufficient that the party in power should have a majority. It is just as necessary that the party in power should never outrage the minority.

Guru Gobind Singh

The Lord is such a King, who abides in the hearts of His devotees, He brings the others, and makes them stand before His devotees.

Richard Steele, fully Sir Richard Steele

If wit is to be measured by the circumstances of time and place, there is no man has generally so little of that talent as he who is a wit by profession. What he says, instead of arising from the occasion, has an occasion invented for bringing it in. Thus he is new for no other reason, but that he talks like nobody else; but has taken up a method of his own, without commerce of dialogue with other people.

Scottish Proverbs

He'll gang tae hell for hoose profit.

John Adams

Defeat appears to me preferable to total Inaction.

Ray Bradbury, fully Ray Douglas Bradbury

Man warring on himself an old tale is; But Man discovering the source of all his sorrow in himself, Finding his left hand and his right are similar sons, are children fighting In the porchyards of the void?!

Simon Wiesenthal

For your benefit, learn from our tragedy. It is not a written law that the next victims must be Jews. It can also be other people. We saw it begin in Germany with Jews, but people from more than twenty other nations were also murdered. When I started this work, I said to myself, 'I will look for the murderers of all the victims, not only the Jewish victims. I will fight for justice.'

Saint Francis of Assisi, born Giovanni Francesco di Bernardone

But as for me, I desire this privilege from the Lord, that never may I have any privilege from man, except to do reverence to all, and to convert the world by obedience to the Holy Rule rather by example than by word.

Mao Tse-tung, alternatively Zedong, Ze dong, aka Chairman Mao

Our comrades must understand that ideological remolding involves long-term, patient and painstaking work, and they must not attempt to change people's ideology, which has been shaped over decades of life, by giving a few lectures or by holding a few meetings. Persuasion, not compulsion, is the only way to convince them. Compulsion will never result in convincing them. To try to convince them by force simply won't work. This kind of method is permissible in dealing with the enemy, but absolutely impermissible in dealing with comrades or friends.

Jaron Lanier, fully Jaron Zepel Lanier

Pop culture has entered into a nostalgic malaise. Online culture is dominated by trivial mashups of the culture that existed before the onset of mashups, and by fandom responding to the dwindling outposts of centralized mass media. It is a culture of reaction without action.

Neil Gaiman, fully Neil Richard Gaiman

I'm the idiot box. I'm the TV. I'm the all-seeing eye and the world of the cathode ray. I'm the boob tube. I'm the little shrine the family gathers to adore.' You're the television? Or someone in the television?' The TV's the altar. I'm what people are sacrificing to.' What do they sacrifice?' asked Shadow. Their time, mostly,' said Lucy. 'Sometimes each other.' She raised two fingers, blew imaginary gunsmoke from the tips. Then she winked, a big old I Love Lucy wink. You're a God?' said Shadow. Lucy smirked, and took a ladylike puff of her cigarette. 'You could say that,' she said.

Paula Hawkins

I lay there and I thought of what that teacher said, and of all the things I?d been: child, rebellious teenager, runaway, whore, lover, bad mother, bad wife. I?m not sure if I can remake myself as a good wife, but a good mother?that I have to try.

Mitch Albom, fully Mitchell David "Mitch" Albom

Why are we embarrassed by silence? What comfort do we find in all the noise?

Adrienne Rich, fully Adrienne Cecil Rich

But can you imagine how some of them were envying you your freedom to work, to think, to travel, to enter a room as yourself, not as some child?s mother or some man?s wife??we have no familiar, ready-made name for a woman who defines herself, by choice, neither in relation to children nor to men, who is self-identified, who has chosen herself.