It is the stupidity of our minds that prevents us from seeng existence as a mystery wilder than the dreams of Devil or God.

When the Devil goes to mass he hides his tail.

Haste is of the devil, slowness is of God.

As is well known, the Devil is the Prince of Time, and God is the King of Eternity. Time without end, that is Hell. Perfect presence, that is Eternity.

Neutral men are the devil's allies.

The monks have no sadness. They wage war on the devil as though they were performing a dance.

A nickname is the heaviest stone the devil can throw at a man.

From its very inaction, idleness ultimately becomes the most active cause of evil; as a palsy is more to be dreaded than a fever. The Turks have a proverb, which says, "That the devil tempts all other men, but the idle men tempt the devil."

Idleness is the badge of the gentry, the bane of body and mind, the nurse of naughtiness, the stepmother of discipline, the chief author of all mischief, one of the seven deadly sins, the cushion upon which the devil chiefly reposes, and a great cause not only of melancholy, but of many other diseases; for the mind is naturally active, and, if it is not occupied about some honest business, it rushes into mischief or sinks into melancholy.

It is easy - terribly easy - to shake a man's faith in himself. to take advantage of that is to break a man's spirit is devil's work.

The Devil divides the word between Atheism and Superstition.

The Devil never assails a man except he find him either void of knowledge, or of the fear of God.

When a man argues for victory and not for truth, he is sure of just one ally, that is the devil. Not the defeat of intellect, but the acceptance of the heart is the only true object in fighting with the sword of spirit.

When a men sells eleven ounces for twelve, he makes a compact with the devil, and sells himself for the value of the ounce.

A religion which requires persecution to sustain it is of the devil's propagation.

Loneliness is dangerous… because if loneliness does not lead to God, it leads to the devil. It leads to the self.

When war begins, the Devil makes Hell bigger.

God seeks comrades and claims love; the Devil seeks slaves and claims obedience.

As there is much beast and some devil in man, so is there some angel and some God in him. The beast and the devil may be conquered, but in this life never destroyed.

An obstinate man does not hold opinions, but they hold him; for when he is once possest with an error it is like a devil, only cast out with great difficulty. Whatsoever he lays hold on, like a drowning man, he never loses, though it do but help to sink him the sooner. His ignorance is abrupt and inaccessible, impregnable both by art and nature, and will hold out to the last, though it has nothing but rubbish to defend.