Speak not one thing with the mouth and another with the heart.

The improvement of the mind improves the heart and corrects the understanding.

A man knows not what is in the heart of his fellow.

Kindness, the poetry of the heart.

The hardest trial of the heart is, whether it can bear a rival's failure without triumph.

The heart does not lie.

The heart perceives that which the eye cannot see.

There may be some tenderness in the conscience and yet the will be a very stone; and as long as the will stands out, there is no broken heart.

Better is bread with a happy heart than riches with vexation.

Another good thing in the heart of God is to pause before speaking.

Religion tends to speak the language of the heart, which is the language of friends, lovers, children, and parents.

Never to tire, never to grow cold; to be patient, sympathetic, tender; to look for the budding flower and the opening heart; to hope always; like God, to love always - this is duty.

Can you walk on water? You have done no better than a straw. Can you fly in the air? You have done no better than a bluebottle. Conquer your heart; then you may become somebody.

Fasting is only saving bread, but if you have conquered the heart you have conquered everything.

The heart of fools is in their mouth, but the mouth of the wise is in their heart.

Youth is a cause of hope for three reasons... And these three reasons may be gathered from the three conditions of the good which is the object of hope - namely, that it is future, arduous and possible... For youth has much of the future before it, and little of the past; and therefore since memory is of the past, and hope of the future, it has little to remember and lives very much in hope. Again, youths, on account of the heat of their nature, are full of spirit, so that their heart expands, and it is owing to the heart being expanded that one tends to that which is arduous; therefore youths are spirited and hopeful. Likewise they who have not suffered defeat, nor had experience of obstacles to their efforts, are prone to count a thing possible to them. Therefore youths, through inexperience of obstacles and of their own shortcomings, easily count a thing possible, and consequently are of good hope.

A faithless heart betrays the head unsound.

Virtue and sense are one; and, trust me, still a faithless heart betrays the head unsound.

My illness helped me to see that what was missing in society is what was missing in me: a little heart, a lot of brotherhood.