Egotism is the tongue of vanity.

The tongue should into be suffered to outrun the mind.

He whose ruling passion is the love of praise is a slave to everyone who has a tongue for flattery and calumny.

His eloquent tongue so well seconds his fertile invention that no one speaks better when suddenly called forth. His attention never languishes; his mind is always before his words; his memory has all its stock so turned into ready money that, without hesitation or delay, it supplies whatever the occasion may require.

The stillest tongue can be the truest friend.

The wisdom of a foole is in his tongue, & the tongue of the wise man is hydden in his hart.

The wise man's tongue is ever in his heart; the fool's heart's in his tongue.

To dread no eye and to suspect no tongue is the great prerogative of innocence - an exemption granted only to invariable virtue.

He who would be the tongue of this wide land must string his harp with chords of study iron and strike it with a toil-imbrowned hand.

A wound made by an arrow will cicatrize and heal; a forest felled by the axe will spring up again in new growth; but a wound made by the tongue will never heal.

Let a fool hold his tongue and he will pass for a sage... I have often regretted my speech, never my silence.

If thy words be too luxuriant, confine them, lest they confine thee. He that thinks he can never speak enough, may easily speak too much. A full tongue and an empty brain are seldom parted.

Meditation is the tongue of the soul and the language of our spirit; and our wandering thoughts in prayer are but the neglects of meditation and recessions from that duty; according as we neglect meditation, so are our prayers imperfect, meditation being the soul of prayer and the intention of our spirit.

The speech of the tongue is best known to men; God best understands the language of the heart.

If a fool be associated with a wise man even all his life, he will perceive the truth as little as a spoon perceives the taste of soup. If an intelligent man be associated for one minute only with a wise man, he will soon perceive the truth, as the tongue perceives the taste of the soup.

Every word of tongue is love telling a story to her own ears. Every thought in every mind, she whispers a secret to her own Self. Every vision in every eye, she knows her beauty to her own sight. Every smile on every face, she reveals her own joy for herself to enjoy. Love courses through everything, no, love is everything. How can you say, there is no love, when nothing but Love exists? All that you see has appeared because of Love. All shines from Love, all pulses from Love, all flows from Love - no, once again, all is Love.

Art is revelation. If painting shows only what is there, it is not art. Art like fine music or high literature must carry the beholder beyond this world and all that appears in it, transport him to the shores of the eternal world and enable him to see and hear the things not given to the tongue of man to utter.

Although the tongue of God is busy speaking through all things, yet in order to speak to the deaf ears of many among us, it is necessary for Him to speak through the lips of man. He has done this all through the history of man, every great teacher of the past having been this guiding Spirit living the life of God in human guise. In other words, their human guise consists of various coats worn by the same person, who appeared to be different in each. Shiva, Buddha, Rama, Krishna, on the other side, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammad on the other; and many more, known or unknown to history, always one and the same person.

The words of the tongue should have three gatekeepers; Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?

From Apollonian law to Dionysian spirit, prose to poetry, left cortical hemisphere to right, the line between the two domains [or cultures] can be easily crossed back and forth, but no one knows how to translate the tongue of one into that of the other. Should we even try? I believe so, and for the best of reasons: the goal is both important and attainable.