Our breath is brief, and being so
Let's make our heaven here below,
And lavish kindness as we go.

Should auld acquaintance be forgot
and never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
and days of auld lang syne?
For auld lang syne, my dear,
for auld lang syne,
we'll take a cup of kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.

I have made Thee my refuge, my terror and trembling,
And when straitly besieged I have made Thee my tower,
When to left and to right I have sought for a helper,
I could look for dear life to no aid but Thy power.
More than all earthly treasure I have made Thee my portion,
Through all cares the delight and desire of my days,
In the flood of Thy love I have rapture eternal
And prayer is but an occasion for praise.



"Daughter of Zion, tried in Sorrow’s furnace,
E’en as I swore thy fathers, be at rest.
I swore it for My sake, and now thy crying
Hath mounted to My habitation blest,
And I have heard, for gracious is My breast."


"Obeisance low I made, for I am feeble,
Thy kindliness responds to all who yearn.
Come back, dear Lord, whose name is linked with pardon,
No other saviour Israel can discern,
Unto his myriad families return!"


"Where’er thy origin, whosoe’er thy master,
A man shall come—nay, I—thy cause to plead,
Whoever holds the bill of thy divorcement.
Like wall or tower of fire I guard thy seed,
Then wherefore weep or heart affrighted heed?"

p. 29


"Why do I weep? Because Thou keepest silence,
Though violence rages and, all uncontrolled,
The mob destroys, and we as slaves to strangers,
Master and man together, have been sold,
And no Redeemer do our eyes behold."


"Who art thou thus to shrink from man in terror
And be dismayed because of mankind’s scorn?
My angel I will send, as wrote the prophet,
And gather Israel winnowed and new-born:
This miracle shall be to-morrow morn."


"To gather me my chieftains Thou didst promise,
The day comes not and miracle is none,
Nor see I Temple built nor any herald
Of Peace arrive to be my Holy One—
Ah, wherefore lingers Jesse’s promised son?"


"Behold, I keep the oath I swore to gather
My captives—kings shall bring their gifts to thee;
Created for a witness to the nations,
My holy ones shall testify to Me—
Yea, Jesse’s son Mine eyes already see."

My breast I am smiting,
My own sins indicting.
How then canst Thou draw me
To strife and thus awe me,
And bring Me to judgment?

My branch hangeth ailing,
My eyelid is failing,
My aims to derision
Are turned by the vision
Of Thee bringing judgment.

The creditor calleth,
The dread decree falleth,
The awful day breaking
God’s creatures sets quaking
In fear of His judgment.

Through Thy attributes preaching,
Almighty, and teaching,
O weigh aberration
In the scale of salvation,
Nor bring us to judgment.

In Thy merciful fashion
Award us compassion,
That man who but dust is
May handle with justice
The haters of judgment.

Like a vapour evanished,
Man is melted and banished,
His birth is coëval
With a harvest of evil,
’Tis Thou must bring judgment.

We await—O behold us—
Thy love to enfold us.
Did Thy warning not hasten
Our impulse to chasten?
For the Lord loveth judgment.

I can reveal to you that I wished to die -
For with much weeping she left me
Saying: "Sappho - what suffering is ours!
For it is against my will that I leave you."
In answer, I said: "Go, happily remembering me
For you know what we shared and pursued -
If not, I wish you to see again our [former joys]...
The many braids of rose and violet you [wreathed]
Around yourself at my side
And the many garlands of flowers
With which you adorned your soft neck:
With royal oils from [fresh flowers]
You anointed [ yourself ]
And on soft beds fulfilled your longing
[For me]

One who possesses patience continues bestowing goodness
after being insulted or witnessing sin, exactly as before. He does not withhold
his kindness from the one who insulted him or has sinned. This requires the
ability to think precisely, to make fine distinction between subtleties. Only such
a deep thinker will realize that true patience demands that he continue
bestowing goodness and kindness without any change even when a response
to the insult or sin is called for. A measured response should come, but never
amid the abandonment of the goodness and kindness that is the very physical
and spiritual sustenance of the other individual.

Patience in the home, with one’s family, requires a separate and unique
treatment. The closer the relationship is, the more patience that relationship
demands. We come into contact with our friends from time to time, and even
when we do, we rarely will quarrel or become angry. In contrast, we come into
contact with our neighbors all the time and thus struggle through many
instances requiring patience. Indeed, it is more difficult to be a good neighbor
than a good friend. However, it is most difficult to maintain our patience when
it comes to our family, with whom we spend our days and nights, through all
types of situations. It is fair to say that the middah which sustains a proper
household is patience.

Body is not veiled from soul, neither soul from body, yet no man hath ever seen a soul.

It is Love and the Lover that live eternally - Don't lend your heart to anything else; all else is borrowed.

The Prophets accept all agony and trust it for the water has never feared the fire.

Through love scraps of copper are turned to gold.

When you are with everyone but me, you're with no one. When you are with no one but me, you're with everyone. Instead of being so bound up with everyone, be everyone. When you become that many, you're nothing. Empty.

Every child I know who overcame long odds and grew into a responsible adult can point to an adult who stepped into his or her life as a friend, mentor, and guide. Don’t be too concerned that your children don’t listen to you. But be very concerned that they see everything you do. Be so consistent in your discipline that you’re boring. Stop arguing in front of your children. You may think children have outgrown the desire to be rocked to sleep at night. They haven’t. Children will never believe in the covenant of marriage unless they see you living it with their own eyes. How do you know if a child needs encouragement? If he or she is breathing.

Do good even to the wicked; it is as well to shut a dog's mouth with a crumb.

People are crying up the rich and variegated plumage of the peacock, and he is himself blushing at the sight of his ugly feet.

A woman who intentionally destroys a fetus is guilty of murder. And we do not even talk about the fine distinction as to its being completely formed or unformed.

A merciful man is the physician of his own soul. Like a violent wind he drives the darkness of the passions out of his inner self.

A Priest, like an angel of the Almighty Lord, ought to be above all passions and spiritual disturbances, above all worldly or vain attachments and fears, occasioned by demons; he ought to be entirely in God, to love and fear Him alone. The fear of man means that he does not yet entirely cleave to God.

I can understand that the man you told me about has offended you, and I am very annoyed that he forgot himself like that. However, you must not consider what he did as coming from him but rather as a trial which God wishes to make of your patience. This virtue will be even more a virtue in you who are more sensitive by nature and have given less cause for the offense that you have received.