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Candor may be considered as a compound of justice and the love of truth. - John Abercrombie
Love is a flame which burns in heaven and whose soft reflections radiate to us. Two worlds are opened, two lives given to it. It is by love that we double our being; it is by love that we approach God. - Louis-Aimé Martin
"Love thy neighbor" is the Torah's greatest principle. - Rabbi Akiva, fully Rebbe Akiva ben Yosef
The greatest manifestation of your love for the Almighty can be expressed on your day of death. Before your death, you might be thinking about how you have not fulfilled all of your wishes and plans. In the moments before your death you might have complaints against the Almighty, or you might fatalistically accept your death by saying, What can be done? My body is giving in to the laws of nature. The doctors have given up hope.” Both of these attitudes are wrong You now face the greatest challenge of your life. You have the potential to submit yourself to the will of the Almighty with love. This level takes preparation. If a person has not mastered control of his thoughts, he is likely to waste his last moments thinking of petty resentments and desires. Frequently confusion and fear of death swallow up every other thought unless one has prepared for that moment. - Shlomo Wolbe, aka Wilhelm Wolbe
Romance cannot be put into quantity production - the moment love becomes casual, it becomes commonplace. - Eric Lewis, aka ELEW
The love of gain never made a painter; but it has marred many. -
Better is the praise and love of men than riches in the storehouse. - Amen-em-apt
Knowledge, love, power - there is the complete life. -
Never to tire, never to grow cold; to be patient, sympathetic, tender; to look for the budding flower and the opening heart; to hope always; like God, to love always - this is duty. -
Love is an egotism of two. - Antoine de la Salle (or Sale)
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