Don’t talk to me of goodness, of abstract justice, of natural law. Necessity is the highest law.

Necessity has no law.

The love of posterity is the consequence of the necessity of death. If a man were sure of living forever here, he would not care about his offspring.

Historic continuity with the past is not a duty, it is only a necessity.

Necessity! thou mother of the world.

Nature means Necessity.

Necessity, like electricity, is in ourselves and all things, and no more without us than within us.

The true creator is necessity, who is the mother of our invention.

Everything that becomes or is created must of necessity be created by some cause, for without a cause nothing can be created.

Evils... can never pass away; for there must always remain something which is antagonistic to good. Having no place among the Gods in heaven, of necessity they hover around the earthly nature and this mortal sphere. Wherefore we ought to fly away from earth to heaven as quickly as we can; and to fly away is to become like God, as far as this is possible; and to become like Him is to become holy and just and wise.

Ability and necessity dwell near each other.

By necessity, by proclivity, and by delight, we quote. We quote not only books and proverbs, but arts, sciences, religions, customs, and laws; nay, we quote temples and houses, tables and chair by imitation.

If we must accept fate, we are not less compelled to assert liberty, the significance of the individual, the grandeur of duty, the power of character. We are sure, though we know not how, that necessity does comport with liberty, the individual with the world, my polarity with the spirit of the times.

Life is hardly respectable if it has no generous task, no duties or affections that constitute a necessity of existence. Every man's task is his life-preserver.

Seldom shall we see in cities, courts, and rich families, where men live plentifully, and eat and drink freely, that perfect health and athletic soundness and vigor of constitution which are commonly seen in the country, where nature is the cook and necessity the caterer, and where they have no other doctor but the sun and fresh air.

Habit, if not resisted, soon becomes necessity.

Man does not choose of necessity... Consequently man wills Happiness of necessity, nor can he will not to be happy, or to be unhappy. Now since choice is not of the end, but of the means... it is not of the perfect good, which is Happiness, but of other particular goods. Therefore man chooses not of necessity but freely.

Necessity has no law.

Happiness can be built only on virtue, and must of necessity have truth for its foundation.

The necessity of war, which among human actions is the most lawless, hath some kind of affinity with the necessity of war.