The capitalist class is represented by the Republican, Democratic, Populist and Prohibition parties, all of which stand for private ownership of the means of production, and the triumph of any one of which will mean continued wage-slavery to the working class.

Circumstances rule men and not men rule circumstances.

Do not grieve so much for a husband lost that it wastes away your life.

The wheel enabled man to get ahead - until he got behind it.

The truth is that Oxford is simply a very beautiful city in which it is convenient to segregate a certain number of the young of the nation while they are growing up.

We do a lot of brainstorming with our talent base of 6,500 experts globally,

Whenever you hear a man speak of his love for his country it is a sign that he expects to be paid for it.

Saying and doing, many a pair of shoes is worn out.

I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging, and it's very difficult to find anyone.'

I do not like anything here-say-Frodo, stone or pit, water or osso. Terra, air and water, everything seems cursed. But in this direction will our trail. Yeah, that's right, 'said Sam. - And in no way would we be here if we were better informed before leaving. But I suppose it is always so. The brave deeds of old songs and stories, Mr. Frodo: adventures, as used to call. I used to think they were looking for things which people wonderful stories came out because they wanted because they were ecxitantes and avida was little boring, a sport, as you might say. But it was not like the stories that really matter, and those that remain in memory. People seem to have simply been embedded in them, usually - their paths pointed in that direction, as they say. But I think they had a lot of opportunities like us to give back, only they did not. And if they had, we would not know, because they would be forgotten. We hear about those who simply continued - not all, to reach a happy ending, you see: at least not to get what people inside a story and not outside it, call a happy ending. You know, back home, discovering that things are fine, though not exactly the same as they were - as with old Mr. Bilbo. But these are not always the best tales to hear, though they may be the best stories to embark on them! In what kind of story we fallen? - I'm also thinking - said Frodo. - I do not know. And this is what happens with a real story. Take any one that you like. You may even know, or guess, what kind of story is with sad ending or happy ending, but people who do not know of it. And you do not want them to know.