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Al Gore, Albert Arnold "Al" Gore, Jr.,

American Politician, Author, Businessman, and Environmental Activist,45th Vice President of the U.S., Democratic Party nominee for President, Recipient Nobel Peace Prize, Grammy Award for An Inconvenient Truth, Primetime Emmy Award), and a Webby Award runner-up for Time's 2007 Person of the Year

"What makes the United States special in the history of nations is our commitment to the rule of law and our carefully constructed system of checks and balances. Our national distrust of concentrated power and our devotion to openness and democracy are what have led us as a people to consistently choose good over evil in our collective aspirations."

"Just as naive optimism can amount to self-deception, so too can a predisposition to pessimism blind us to bases for legitimate hope that we can find a path that leads around and through the dangers that lie ahead."

"Indeed, I am an optimist - though my optimism is predicated on the hope that we will find ways to see and think clearly about the obvious trends that are now gaining momentum, that we will reason together and attend to the dangerous distortions in our present ways of describing and measuring the powerful changes that are now under way, that we will choose to preserve human values and protect them."

"I have tried my best to describe what I believe the evidence shows is more likely than not to present us with important choices that we must consciously make together, I do so not out of fear, but because I believe in the future."