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Franz Mesmer, fully Franz Anton Mesmer, incorrectly referred as Friedrich Anton Mesmer

German Physician who theorized natural energetic transferences occurred between all animated and inanimate objects he called magn├ętisme animal (animal magnetism)or Mesmerism

"A subtle fluid which pervades the universe, and associates all things in mutual intercourse and harmony."

"A little sleep, a little dream."

"A hot piercing pain rose along her legs from her feet and ended with an intense spasm in the upper rim of the iliac bone. Here this pain was united with an equally agonizing one which flowed from both sides of the breast, shot pains up to the head and united in the roots of the hair. The patient felt a burning sensation in all her joints. At certain parts of her body the magnetic stream seemed to be interrupted, even to become more intense. She was soon insensitive to all the magnets and cured of her attacks."