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Karl Wilheim Friedrich Schlegel, later Karl Wilhelm Friedrich von Schlegel

German Poet, Critic and Scholar

"It is precisely the conflict between the good or divine principle, on the one hand, and the evil or adverse principle on the other, which constitutes the meaning of human life and human history, from the beginning to the end of time."

"He who has religion will speak poetry. But philosophy is the tool with which to seek and discover religion."

"Man is a creative retrospection of nature upon itself."

"A definition of poetry can only determine what poetry should be and not what poetry actually was and is; otherwise the most concise formula would be: Poetry is that which at some time and some place was thus named."

"Every uneducated person is a caricature of himself."

"The difference between religion and morality lies simply in the classical division of things into the divine and the human, if one only interprets this correctly."

"No idea is isolated, but is only what it is among all ideas."

"What is called good society is usually nothing but a mosaic of polished caricatures."

"The essential point of view of Christianity is sin."

"Morality without a sense of paradox is mean."

"In actual life every great enterprise begins with and takes its first forward step in faith."

"Religion is not only a part of education, an element of humanity, but the center of everything else, always the first and the ultimate, the absolutely original."

"An artist is he for whom the goal and center of life is to form his mind."

"Where there is politics or economics, there is no morality."

"Irony is a clear consciousness of an eternal agility, of the infinitely abundant chaos."