Great Throughts Treasury

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Pablo Antonio Cuadra

Nicaraguan Poet, Essayist, Art and Literary Critic, Playwright and Graphic Artist

"Any revolution which denies the right to criticize is bound to wallow in stagnation and backwardness."

"Let us be clear: censorship is cowardice… It masks corruption. It is a school of torture: its teaches, and accustoms one to the use of force against an idea, to submit thought to an alien “other.” But worst still, censorship destroys criticism, which is the essential ingredient of culture."

"If you hear from the darkness, the middle of the night —on high seas— cries, cries that beg you for the port: turn your tiller back and flee"

"The questions are your own forgotten in the ages."

"The human condition ... is defined by the aspiration to always supersede oneself, which in turn requires nonconformity."

"Hypocrisy, false labels, can create slogans but no poems; propaganda but not life: there are no roots, there are no realities to nurture creative work."