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Thomas Haliburton, fully Thomas Chandler Haliburton, pseudonym "Sam Slick"

Canadian Politician, Judge and Author known for his humorist sketches and essays

"If you have a thrust to make at your friend's expense, do it gracefully, it is all the more effective. Some one says the reproach that is delivered with hat in hand is the most telling."

"If you think to run a rig on me, you have barked up the wrong tree."

"If you want to know how to value home, you should go abroad for a while among strangers."

"I'm a sort of Jack of all trades and master of none."

"Impossible desires are the height of unreason."

"Innocence is not suspicious, but guilt is always ready to turn informer."

"It is as old as the creation, and yet as young and fresh as ever. It pre-existed, still exists, and always will exist. Depend upon it, Eve learned it in Paradise, and was taught its beauties, virtues, and varieties by an angel, there is something so transcendent in it."

"It is authors of silly books, editors of silly papers, and demagogues of silly parties that keep us apart."

"It is done by a knowledge of soft sawder and human natur."

"It is easier to make an infidel than a convert."

"It is easier to make money than to save it; one is exertion, the other self-denial."

"It was a little bit arter daylight down, rainin' cats and dogs."

"It was none of your skim-milk parties, but superfine uppercrust."

"It's all bunkum, you know."

"It's my theory that more folks die of the doctor than the disease."

"It's no use to make fences unless the land is cultivated."

"It's the early bird that gets the worm."

"Let the dead be, we don't often inherit their talents or their money; and if we did, why should we be answerable for their follies?"

"Life ain't all beer and skittles."

"Life is a chart as well as a coast, and a little care will keep you clear of rocks, reefs, and sandbars."

"Look not to a woman's head for her brains, but rather to her heart."

"Loud-dressing men and women have also loud characters."

"Make a farmer of him, and you will have the satisfaction of seeing him an honest, an independent, and a respectable member of society; more honest than traders, more independent than professional men, and more respectable than either."

"Many a feller looks fat, who is only swelled."

"Matrimony likes contrasts; friendship seeks its own counterparts"

"Maxims are deductions ready drawn."

"Modesty is brought forward and made way for. Assumption has the door shut in its face."

"Money is a necessity; so is dirt."

"Much is required of them to whom much is given."

"Mules and human jackasses are proverbially stubborn."

"My rule is to let everyone skin his own foxes."

"Natur' is natur' wherever you find it."

"Nature's bank-dividends."

"Needs must when the Devil drives."

"Never read a book, squire; always think for yourself."

"Nothin' improves a man's manners like an election."

"Now with us the country is divided into two parties, of the mammoth breed, the ins and the outs, the administration and the opposition."

"Of all the seventeen senses, I like common sense about as well as any of 'em, arter all."

"One of the old philosophers says that it is the part of wisdom to sometimes seem a fool; but in our day there are too many ready-made ones to render this a desirable policy."

"Over-confidence is as evil as undue anxiety."

"Patriotism is the trump card of a scoundrel."

"People have no right to make fools of themselves, unless they have no relations to blush for them."

"Poverty is keen enough, without sharpening its edge by poking fun at it."

"Power has a natural tendency to corpulency."

"Praise to the face is open disgrace."

"Presents of money injure both the giver and receiver, and destroy the equilibrium of friendship, and diminish independence and self-respect."

"Preserve the balance of the constitution for your life."

"Pretty is as pretty does."

"Pride and temper is almost always at the bottom of schism, you will find."

"Proverbs are distilled facts steamed down to an essence."