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Gustave Flaubert

I have no use for the kind of God who goes walking in his garden with a stick, sends his friends to live in the bellies of whales, gives up the ghost with a groan and then comes back to life three days later!

Gustave Flaubert

One becomes a critic when one cannot be an artist, just as a man becomes a stool pigeon when he cannot be a soldier.

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Gustavo Dudamel and the Teresa Carreño Youth Orchestra

I think it's a very important collaboration between the conductor and the orchestra - especially when the conductor is one more member of the orchestra in the way that you are leading, but also respecting, feeling and building the same way for all the players to understand the music.

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H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Never deprive someone of hope it may be all they have.

Gustavo Gutiérrez

If there is no friendship with them [the poor] and no sharing of the life of the poor, then there is no authentic commitment to liberation, because love exists only among equals.

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Gustave Flaubert

The music was still throbbing in her ears, and she forced herself to stay awake in order to prolong the illusion of this luxurious life she would so soon have to be leaving... She longed to know all about their lives, to penetrate into them, to be part of them.

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H. L. Mencken, fully Henry Louis Mencken

A Puritan is a person who lives in the fear that someone, somewhere, may be having a good time.

Gustave Flaubert

The smooth folds of her dress concealed a tumultuous heart, and her modest lips told nothing of her torment. She was in love.

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Gustave Flaubert

You ask me whether the Orient is up to what I imagined it to be. Yes, it is; and more than that, it extends far beyond the narrow idea I had of it. I have found, clearly delineated, everything that was hazy in my mind. Facts have taken the place of suppositions - so excellently so that it is often as though I were suddenly coming upon old forgotten dreams.

H. L. Mencken, fully Henry Louis Mencken

The plain fact is that education is itself a form of propaganda - a deliberate scheme to outfit the pupil, not with the capacity to weigh ideas, but with a simple appetite for gulping ideas ready-made. The aim is to make 'good' citizens, which is to say, docile and uninquisitive citizens.

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Hannah Arendt

Men in plural? can experience meaningfulness only because they can talk with and make sense to each other and themselves.

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Rain on the day you get married brings good luck.

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Italian Proverbs

Of this world each man has as much as he takes.

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Italian Proverbs

Of the great and of the dead either speak will or say nothing.

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Italian Proverbs

One bird in hand is better far Than two that in the bushes are.

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Italian Proverbs

Sometimes it is better to give your apple away, than to eat it yourself.

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Italian Proverbs

None so deaf as those who will not hear.

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Italian Proverbs

One should learn to sail in all winds.

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Italian Proverbs

Substance is not enough, accident is also required.

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Italian Proverbs

Not all words require an answer.

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